Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Last minute odds for Irish referendum on Lisbon Treaty.

From William Hill:


William Hill believe that the YES camp has a slight advantage going into tomorrow’s controversial referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. The bookmakers offer odds of 2-7 for a YES vote on the EU treaty, and 5-2 that the Irish electorate reject the EU proposals.

Hills have been betting on the Lisbon treaty for the last month, and have seen huge interest in their market. William Hill spokesman Tony Kenny commented “It’s been one of the most turbulent political markets that we’ve ever bet on” He continued “Both the YES and NO camps have been favourites to win the referendum at one time or another, and it wouldn’t be a shock if the vote went either way”

The last two opinion polls have Europhiles very nervous and evoked memories of the crisis after French and Dutch voters rejected a draft EU constitution in 2005. One survey showed the Irish anti treaty campaign with a five-point lead, whilst the other put the pro-treaty campaign with a three point lead.

Both polls suggested the outcome will hinge on the level of turnout of the Irish electorate, and William Hill are also betting on the percentage turnout for tomorrow’s referendum. The bookmakers make 53%-55.999% their 5-2 favourite.

The referendum takes place tomorrow with the result being announced the following day (the superstitious date of Friday 13th of June)
If you are Irish, please watch these videos before voting in the referendum on Thursday - half a billion people who are not allowed a vote are depending on you.

Breaking News: If you are Irish you must read this before voting. Your government has held secret talks in Brussels to get around a 'NO' vote tomorrow.

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Fausty said...

This at least gives the No camp a 50% chancd. I hope the Irish are mindful of the adage "when in doubt, say no"!