Friday, 27 June 2008

Lib Dems will force Gordon Brown to step down.

Gordon Brown Steps DownI've been thinking.... dangerous I know, but I was pretty convinced that Labour would get rid of Gordon Brown by the end of May. I was wrong obviously, but by God they had enough reason to chuck him. It seems that nothing short of a total disaster for the Labour party (a party killer) will remove Gordon from number ten. So I was trying to think of a situation that would trigger senior ministers to ask Brown to do the right thing and fall on his sword.

And then it hit me: It will happen the day that the Lib Dems are shown to be on an equal footing or ahead of Labour in a major poll. It would be unbearable for many Labour MPs to be considered the country's third party. The thing is, that scenario may not be that far away. We have already seen the gap close to five points in some recent polls.

So I say that if you want to know when Gordon Brown will step the polls!


Anonymous said...

I think Brown is being kept in power by Brussels, to finish the job of handing over our sovereignty and generally trashing everything in sight. By the time we have our say in a general election, he will have completed his mission.

If anyone is to stand up to the EU, they will have to understand the nature of the task that confronts them. Unfortunately, Cameron is not that person. I wish he was.

Daily Referendum said...


I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. The alternative is more of Brown.

William Gruff said...

Stop equating polls with an assault on an unassailable parliamentary majority (courtesy of Mr Major).

Polls mean absolutely fuck all unless taken on the day, as it were. No one, not even The Grooovey One, wishes to run the country as it is at present, and even fewer want to.

The Tartan McReich's Führer is in until the bitter end AND THINGS CANNOT BUT BECOME MUCH WORSE. Look to those who offer a way forward, not those who serve up the same stale dish of tired platitudes.

Anonymous said...

Brown's only mission is to drag a reulctant carved up England into the eu for scotland's sake.
He knows the scots have to be in a union with somebody and he would prefer the eu. when will the ukip wake up to this and become the EIP?

Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell, Bendy Wendy Alexander is finally stepping down, BBC just announced and Labour MP for Glasgow East resigns forcing another by election. It gets better and better.

Daily Referendum said...


Who are these people that offer a way foward? And what are the chances of them winning an election?

Tapestry said...

Trouble is Lib Dem vote is also collapsing. Once the BNP overtake, that will be IT.

William Gruff said...

Steve: Independent candidates. There is no other way in which our thoroughly corrupted parliamentary system can be reformed other than by electing a majority of independent candidates, or those representing smaller parties.

The main parties are finished, as their diminishing memberships and mounting debts might seem to confirm.