Monday, 23 June 2008

Lisbon Treaty Video - Watch it and weep for Democracy.

The following video will show you that we no longer have any say over our sovereignty. The EU will not accept NO from the people. Our political masters will have their Empire.

Hat tip The Devil.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

On 13th July Sarkowzy will announce the creation of the Euromed alliance which will enable the free movement of goods and people between the EU and countries bordering the Mediterranean such as Libya.

This is the first step towards Eurabia which will expand the present EU out to and including Saudi Arabia.

This will be a "post democratic" superstate with sharia law as its jurisprudence.

In other words oligarchal rule by fear.

James Higham said...


John M Ward said...

Dan Hannan said exactly what I have been thinking ever since this claim that the Irish are only a small fraction of the EU citixenry and cannot be allowed to decide the Treaty's outcome alone.

Yes: all 27 nations should have their own referendum. Indeed, any Treaty or similar instrument with such significant changes to nations' own sovereignty should by international law be required to be decided by national referendum.

It is a failing in international law that it is not a legal obligation, and that needs to be changed.

arthur said...

matthew jones, I agree, and frightening! If I were younger I would emigrate - Australia looks good! Gordon is an absolute disgrace for denying us our say.