Sunday, 22 June 2008

MPs Expenses - Just obey the rules you idiots.

The BBC are reporting that MPs may get a £40,000 pay rise to replace the existing second home allowance. This angers me in so many ways. For a start this move would mean that those not entitled to receive the second home allowance would get a massive pay rise at the tax payers expense. Also this would mean a £4,500 pay rise for those already receiving second home allowance - again at our expense.

Our MPs need to accept what we all accept. They must obey the rules in place. They need to accept no more than a 2% pay rise and be fully open to scrutiny of their expenses. Instead what we are seeing is an attempt to circumvent the scrutiny we all face in the real world. And for another thing, they must stop using the RPI to increase their other expense allowances when they use the CPI to set public sector pay increases.


Mulligan said...

IMO it's very simple.

At each general election the pay rates for an MP should be fixed for the entire next term. It should also be made very clear that any MP caught breaching the rules (inadvertently or not) will be sacked without option to stand in resulting by election.

MPs having this debate at all (let alone about to vote themselves huge increases) mid term in current economic situation is an insult to the voters and shows just how out of touch they are.

Daily Referendum said...

Travis, I totally agree.