Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Our Nuclear power stations to be run by terrorists?

I've heard of some stupid ideas coming out of our government lately, but allowing immigration rules for the nuclear power industry to be relaxed takes the bloody biscuit. Jesus H Christ! We are not talking about working in McDonald's, this is an industry which has the potential to kill on a massive scale. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for nuclear power, in fact in my opinion we have desperate need for the government to pull its finger out and stop dithering.

I work in the power industry and with some training could move into the well paid nuclear power industry. But why should an employer spend money training me, a British citizen, when they can take someone from halfway around the world who's already done the training? Yes it's good for the employer, but what happened to Gordon Brown's "British jobs for British workers"?

And what about national security? This government has already shown us that it is pathetic at keeping track of illegal immigrants. How can we expect them (or trust them) to properly vet people coming here from anywhere in the world? We've got an Hijacker working for BA a mile from Heathrow bloody airport! We've had illegal immigrants guarding the Prime Minister's car, six were working for the Metropolitan Police, others were employed at airports, ports and government buildings.

For God's sake, someone please call a General Election.

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