Monday, 9 June 2008

Stuart Wheeler takes Government to court over Lisbon Treaty.

Stuart Wheeler gets his day in court today. He intends to prove that Gordon Brown's refusal to allow us the referendum his government promised in their manifesto is:

"Not only immoral but illegal, too . "This was a referendum the people of Britain were promised well before the last election, during it, and after it. "But instead of fulfilling that promise, Gordon Brown has tried to push the Constitution in via the back door by rebranding a document and presenting it as a completely different text. "This is a ridiculous argument. Leaders across Europe - including Valery Giscard d'Estaing, the author of the EU Constitution - have acknowledged, indeed almost gloated about the fact, that the Treaty is the Constitution in all but name. "Furthermore, regardless of what name it is given, the vast majority of the British public want a referendum on this Treaty as demonstrated by the results of a YouGov poll last month."
I had to laugh at the response from the Foreign Office spokesman: "Hardline Eurosceptics brought similar cases in respect of earlier European treaties, so this case is no surprise. Those challenges all failed. "We are confident of the strength of our case on this occasion and look forward to putting our arguments before the court in more detail in due course."

For one thing this case isn't the same as past cases. This time we were promised a referendum, only to be refused one when it became clear that we would vote NO. It has been admitted by other European leaders that the name of the Constitution was changed to get around the pesky public voting and spoiling their plans. Also, why is the Foreign Office Spokesman inferring that Mr Wheeler is a hardline Eurosceptic? This Treaty is not about being in or out of Europe, it's about further integration. Wanting a referendum to give us the option to keep the EU as it is now, does not a Eurosceptic make.

The Foreign Office spokesman sounds confident doesn't he? If he is so confident, why is the Foreign Office reportedly pulling out all the stops to fight its corner? - Lots of hours and lots of manpower. I hope the Judge sticks it to Brown, it is pretty obvious to the majority of the voting population that Labour have broken their promise.

Good luck Stuart Wheeler!


Letters From A Tory said...

It's not just manpower they'll be using - no doubt the taxpayer will be footing the government's bill for fighting the case.

Thud said...

I wish him good luck.

Daily Referendum said...

LFAT, They've hired Jonathan Sumption - one of the most expensive QCs in practice.

Daily Referendum said...


So do I - the government are throwing a massive amount of time, money and effort into this case.

Anonymous said...

How to turn a manifesto into a legal contract: