Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Tory Defector, Councillor Les Byrom must resign.

What a muppet! 30 years in the Tory party and Councillor Les Byrom defects to the Labour party. He claims it's over 42 days detention, quite frankly that is a load of old pony and he knows it. Iain Dale sheds some light on the real reason Les has jumped ship, and you won't be surprised to hear money is involved.

Anyway, Sefton Conservative leader Councillor Paula Parry has called on the former Tory to resign:

“I am astounded that a man such as Les Byrom, who has been a Conservative politician for more than 30 years, should suddenly decide to defect to the Labour Party who, as we all know, are at their lowest ebb in the opinion polls since Michael Foot was their Leader.

“I cannot believe that the residents of Dukes Ward will want to wake up tomorrow with Les Byrom as their new Labour Councillor. Labour came a very poor fourth just five weeks ago in Dukes Ward. I would expect him to resign his council seat immediately.”
What a bloody fool. Goodbye Les and good riddance.

UPDATE: More on this moron from The Raven.


Anonymous said...

Cheers for the link.

I'm never one for this whole 'if you defect you must resign thing, but good heavens do Labour do badly in his ward! In the 2008 election for a seat in the Duke ward, the Con got 1,979 votes compared to the 4th placed Lab with 297. And while I can't be sure on which seats the respective candidates were contesting in 2004, Byrom got 2,003 votes; the highest Labour vote was 463, in any Duke ward seat.

Daily Referendum said...


I think he should resign on this occasion. Like you said, the local people made it quite clear at the polls that they did not want a Labour councillor. Especially as he seems to have done this out of spite.

Anonymous said...

One down now two to go and then perhaps Southport will finally see just why the rest of the party have had such a lot of problems from this sanctimonious trio that thinks it self well above the rest of Sefton Tories. Let's face it; all they do anyway is suck up to the local Libdems and those two limp-wristed hacks from the Vis so yes good riddance.

Anonymous said...

What is so sad is that this bombshell may persuade some voters to continue their support for the LibDem MP of Southport at the next General Election.
The most deserving local Councillor, Brenda Porter, the Torys' prospective candidate, may also lose some support on account of this nincompoop's spiteful and nonsensical actions.
There are certain actions that Les could take to salvage his reputation. If you are reading this,Les, you know what they are....just read my email to you.
A by-election is essential in Dukes Ward immediately.