Sunday, 29 June 2008

Zimbabwe's Ministry of Anti-Corruption - What a Joke!

You really should take a look at The Zimbabwean government website, It's a bloody joke. Not only does it look like it was knocked up in some primary school project, but its content makes Iraq's Comical Ali look like a straight man. Here is one example from the ironically named Ministry of State Enterprises, Anti-Corruption & Anti-Monopolies:

Click to enlarge.

What's more, they have a feedback page on their site where you can complain (or give praise!) about the government. However you must leave your contact details. I can't see anyone rushing to fill out a complaint any time soon, can you?


Anonymous said...

That really is quite awful.

Anonymous said...

Hi There,

That form that you can fill in exposes the information other people have filled in to the public.

You can view their comments at