Saturday, 26 July 2008

Bad news for Gordon Brown in marginal seats.

Gordon BrownPatrick Hennessy over at the Telegraph is hinting at some very bad news for Gordon Brown. It seems the Sunday Telegraph has obtained details of a new opinion poll conducted in 30 of Britain's most marginal parliamentary seats. Patrick says the details will be published later and they will show a totally different picture to last year's Labour lead of 6%.

I'll publish the details (and comment) when they appear.

UPDATE: Those results have come through and the Tories are on 41%, that's 24% ahead of Labour on 17%. What's worse for Brown and Labour is the fact that the LibDems are 1% ahead of them on 18%.

The poll was carried out for Flying Matters and will appear in the Sunday Telegraph. 1,054 voters were polled in key marginal seats.

Jesus. Can it get any worse for Brown? I read somewhere today (I'll provide a link if I remember where I read it) that only a minority of Labour MPs have second jobs to fall back on. This news on the back of recent disasters will no doubt have many a Labour MP wondering how they are going to pay the mortgage.

Gordon is a goner.


Anonymous said...

The leader of the party has saved the lives of many many afrcians with his increased aid money to Africa.

He is one of the greatest leaders this nation has produced he has great mental strength to recover from losing an eye and to recover from losing a child perhaps this is why the slave trading tories hate him after all it was the whig party that got rid of slavery not the wealthy slave tradibng tories Wilberforce was indpendent,.

Anonymous said...

Things have improved greatly over the years. When I was nowt but a lad, day-centres were crammed with people whose only capability and interest in life was packing shoe-laces into plastic bags. One can only marvel at the fact that nowadays they are at liberty to blog for the Left.

Thud said...

dirty euro has provided some light relief...I always thought commies had no sense of humour.