Saturday, 5 July 2008

Doctor Who regenerates tonight - Who will be Who?

Not long now until we see the extra long special tonight. Don't forget that it starts at 18:40 and will go on for over and hour. So set your Sky plus or recorder accordingly, it would be a shame to miss the start or finish. I've got a feeling that David Tennant will come back has himself, but you never know.

Not long now!

If you have time HERE is the Trailer for this week episode.

UPDATE: So now we know what happened to the Doctor, but who dies?

You can watch this week's episode again by clicking HERE.


Anonymous said...

now we know

Rachel Joyce said...

Some things the Beeb do get right!

Anonymous said...

This trash was past its sell-by date when it was first taken off in 1989. Was there ever a generation more than this one prematurely obsessed with its own childhood?

Mulligan said...

Oh well anon don't watch it then.

Simple really innit?

Then again I suspect most of us thought masturbation and strangling rodents was old hat in 1989 but we don't have a go at you do we?

Daily Referendum said...