Friday, 18 July 2008

Dwain Chambers has failed to overturn his Olympic ban - Good.

I've just received the breaking news from the BBC that Dwain Chambers has failed to overturn his Olympic ban. I have to say that I totally agree with the court's decision. I know the main argument to allow Chamber's to compete was that he had done his time and he should be shown forgiveness. Well I'm sorry but he was fully aware of the lifetime ban when he cheated. The ban was put in place by the British athletics team itself as a deterrent to drug cheats. If Chambers had been allowed to compete in the Olympics, that deterrent would be rendered useless.

Fair play won today.


Anonymous said...

The right decision.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you - and the court, Steve.

J J said...

He has still got the muscle he built up by using drugs.

Therefore he will always have an unfair advantage.

Why is he allowed to run at any competetive level?

Anonymous said...

It is not good, Dwain Chambers took his punishment, now he has to be allowed to prove he is rehabilitated.

He could have been a great role model for thousands of black kids who just needed proof that taking your punishment and then making an effort could mean something. Instead he now proves that no matter how hard you try to make up for the things you've done wrong, you'll never be accepted by the establishment.

Daily Referendum said...


He knew the rules and he broke them. What kind of role model is that? What message would it send out if his life time ban wasn't serious? Every time he stuck a needle in himself or swallowed a pill he knew that he was flushing his Olympic hopes away if caught.

Sod him, he took his chances and got caught out. Today's decision will help to keep drugs out of sport. It also sends the message to kids, that if you break the rules you can expect to pay the consequences. That is something that is sadly missing from society today.

UpDwain said...

How can people take such a moral highground when their attitude is one of "We do not forgive" A man's reason for being has been taken away from him-he is crushed. I am not religious but the parable "He who has not sinned let him throw the first stone" (Ithink its a parable). The point is that as humans we all do bad things sometimes. I feel sure there is a bit of the "We Brits, we are so whiter than white and its just not cricket chaps"that sort of rubbish. I hate drug cheating in any sport but I dont hate the cheats. Athletes at the top of their game are obsessive and its a fine line between putting the right fuel,the right vitamins in your body and taking performance enhancing drugs.I feel incredibly sorry for Dwain and I only hope some other country will snatch him up.

Liz Hinds said...

I agree: he knew the penalty when he make the choice.