Thursday, 10 July 2008

Gordon's green (mean) road tax will raise the treasury £1bn.

Mean Green GordonThe government's proposed hike in road tax was claimed by the Prime Minister to be a non revenue raising move. It turns out that this was yet another lie or "Brownie". Treasury minister Angela Eagle admitted that 8.7 million (44%) vehicles, all in the six top-polluting bands - will pay more and that the Exchequer will receive more than £1bn in additional revenue from the scheme by 2011.

George Osborne said:

"This destroys the government's defence that this is a green tax and in general gives green taxes a bad name. "We need the prime minister to tell us whether he knew that he was giving parliament the wrong information and was treating the public like fools, or was it the case that he didn't know the truth about the impact of his own Budget on families?"
AA President Edmund King said: "This is not a green tax but a mean tax that will hit millions of hard-up families."

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