Friday, 25 July 2008

A great post from the left - The case against Brown staying.

Of late, I tend to find myself agreeing with certain Labour bloggers more often. These tend to be the grassroot bloggers who have realised that any damage to the party which may come from ditching Gordon Brown, will be insignificant when compared to keeping him on. One of those Bloggers is Tony Hannon over on Labourhome. Following last night's disastrous result in Glasgow East, Tony asks the readers of Labourhome to put forward a convincing argument in response to his "Case against Brown staying":

I would love for someone to put forward a convincing argument on why Gordon Brown should stay as leader of this Party. After all this time I have only heard one: that the Party can’t afford a leadership election. My mate David reminded me earlier. That’s hardly the inspiring clarion call – but can someone come up with a good argument that he should stay?

Let’s look at a few:

“We should support our leader.”
We should support our party in order to help improve this country. We should support our leader when we believe in him and his capability. At this point the majority do not.

Incidentally, did he support the last leader? Can he really demand loyalty? I think not.

“Who will you replace him with?”
If we continue as we are, Brown WILL be replaced by David Cameron.

What were his qualifications before the Conservative leadership? Are you really saying that despite 11 years in Government, we have nobody comparable to Clegg or Cameron who can’t do a better job than is being done now?

Wouldn’t someone less qualified than Brown need the experience of people around him or her? Wouldn’t this be a collaborative effort where a new leader couldn’t afford not to listen?
This is just a snippet from Tony's article. I recommend that you read the full article by clicking HERE.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Interesting, especially for an ex-pat, to learn how it is all really viewed over there. I can't stop myself thinking back to GB's honeymoon period about a year ago and comparing it with the dire situation he is in now!

Sean Jeating said...

we have nobody (...) who can’t [...]

This double negation proves the 'dilemma'. :)

Daily Referendum said...


Anonymous said...

The party leader has saved the lives of millions of Africans with his increased aid to Africa. He is great man, a mirror image of hitler. Hitler killed, this leader saved lives who knows how many can predict. A man who saved the lives of more than you would care to admitt. AGo on admitt he has saved millions of lives. With the stroke of his pen. He should have statues built for him. is firm relgious values made him the great man he is of great mental strength ingerity and intelligence, look at the way he fought back against losing an eye and a child, look at his double first at uni. Plus now 11 years of ecnomc growth with no negatuive quarters. But since when did great men ever get respect.

Mulligan said...

Interesting, so nobody can predict how many lives have been saved in Africa (or more likely how many new mercs and gold taps Hitler like dictators have purchased with Brown's ill considered, mostly off the cuff but always publicity seeking, giveaways), therefore we are asked to assume the answer is millions.

Great men, and women, indeed deserve respect, which is why Brown is getting none, even though he's probably as ingerant (whatever that means) as the next man.