Saturday, 2 August 2008

Guide to political blogging 2008/9 - I need your votes.

Apparently I'm not doing too well in the voting for the top political blog in the 2008/9 guide to political blogging. I don't expect to come anywhere near the top, but I would like to beat last year's 59th position. To that end, I'm asking the regular readers of my blog to please take the time to vote. Being well placed in the top 100 blogs does make a difference to the numbers who visit your site, and it makes all the time and effort I put into this blog worthwhile.

You can find out how to vote by clicking HERE.




Anonymous said...


Money in a brown envelope, please ;)

CherryPie said...

I am working on my list.

In regards to visit numbers. I think regular visitors are much more important than casual one off visitors. Quality rather than quantity.

Just my point of view.

Daily Referendum said...

R, The money is in the post, Cheers.

Daily Referendum said...


I agree, regular visitors are more important, I would just like more of them.