Monday, 7 July 2008

History is England, England is history?

History is England.
Votes for all men.
Votes for women.
One law for all.
Innocent until proven guilty.
The abolition of slavery.
The end of child labour.
Fighting for our freedom at home.
Fighting for the freedom of others abroad.
Human rights.
Equal rights.
History is England.
England is history.
ID Cards.
Positive discrimination.
Extraordinary rendition.
DNA Database.
Phone taps.
42 days detention without charge.
Anonymous witnesses.
Trial without Jury.
Asset freezing.
Restrictions on peaceful protest.
England is history.

David Davis for freedom


William Gruff said...

No and no.

Anonymous said...

Looking at my tax statement, I think the Abolition of Slavery must have been repealed somewhere down the line.

James Higham said...

England is history? Wow.