Friday, 11 July 2008

Tony McNulty - More like McNumpty - What a cheese.

Tony McNulty came out with a classic bit of spin today. It's the kind of spin that is so obviously a lie that it's embarrassing to read. Does McNumpty or his pathetic excuse for a party really believe anyone will fall for this tripe:
"Labour never believed a parliamentary by-election should be held at the taxpayers' expense to resolve tensions at the top of the Conservative party."
Let's set this straight:

All (but one) of the Conservative MPs voted against the extension of the detention without charge limit to 42 days.

36 (yes that's 36) Labour MPs rebelled against the government and voted against 42 days. It is a well known fact that it would have been many more if it wasn't for some brutal whipping and a great deal of arm twisting, bribing and begging from Gordon brown.

It is the labour party that is split over 42 days. In fact they seem to be split on everything lately. I can't believe that the media haven't started calling Brown - "Darth Gordon", seeing as he spends most of his time fighting the rebellion.

Labour are dieing as a party because they think the public are too stupid to see through their lies and spin.


Anonymous said...

Like those around him he suffers from acute lack of intelligence.
To most people, tax+waste+even more tax x tax=Labour.

Anonymous said...

My Hazel tried exactly this same line, too. It was all she could say for about a fortnight. More than 10% of MPs rebelling is a split by any stretch of the imagination. Ann Widdecombe going off on one of her recent I'm-outta-here-in-two-years crazies is not.

John M Ward said...

I have nicknamed him "Tony McNasty" on my own 'blog. I shan't post a link to it as you've done a far better job than I ever could.