Thursday, 17 July 2008

Tory Press Release - Lisbon Treaty Ratification

William Hague: Brown has no authority to ratify the EU Constitution

Commenting on the news that the Government has now ratified the Lisbon Treaty, Shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said:

"Gordon Brown has no democratic or moral authority to sign Britain up to the renamed EU Constitution. This move is a total breach of trust with the British people and a flagrant breach of his solemn election promise to the British people. It is a sign of how arrogant and out of touch this Labour Government has become that they are totally uninterested in what the British people want on Europe.

"It also means that the Government are joining in the ugly bullying of the Irish people, who have clearly rejected this Treaty. Trying to push ahead with the EU Treaty shows an utter lack of respect for the Irish voters' democratic decision."As long as the Irish decision is not reversed the EU Treaty will not be in force at the next general election.

A new Conservative Government would then take back the instruments of ratification and put the Treaty to a referendum, recommending a 'no' vote. That is the honourable and democratic thing to do."

Rt Hon William Hague MP


Anonymous said...

Aw..Geez, The tories are going to give us a referendum!! I'm overcome! I can feel my eyes welling up! They are soooo reliable that I shall vote for them! Or is it just conceivable that they may, Just may mind you, renegue on this promise once in power! "Unthinkable" I hear you cry!

Anonymous said...

"As long as the Irish decision is not reversed the EU Treaty will not be in force at the next general election.".....but if it is reversed, well sod off and never mind the honourable and democratic thing to do! Typical used-car salesman technique!

CherryPie said...

What about the rest of us who didn't even get to vote and were promised a referendum!!!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well, I'm not a Tory but I do respect and admire Hague - perhaps one of the "great prime ministers we never had"

Anonymous said...

Well, I am not changing my mind. This is actually a reversal for me because I always felt that European unity would prevent the misery two wars in Europe caused. Now I am appalled by the waste and bureaucratic idiocy.
I am pretty sure that Irish Ire will be Snarling if they try and push through another vote.
Further to your comment - Global Warming is politics, Climate Change is science.
The science has been highjacked by politicos and must be reclaimed if scientists are ever to be trusted again.

Daily Referendum said...


Good point on the difference between the politics of Global warming and climate change. You are right of course.

Mulligan said...

There is no reason at all not to trust scientists.

The majority of them have clearly demonstrated that they can safely be relied upon to say whatever is necessary to obtain the best available research grants.

Anonymous said...

Since the Queen has given the Royal Assent to the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty knowing full well the deception and undemocratic way in which this has been carried out, any respect that I had for her has gone.