Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Why Climate Change Sceptics are doomed to failure.

You could think that the title of this post sounds incredibly defeatist coming from a climate change sceptic. And you'd be right. In a way climate sceptics have to accept defeat. No matter what the weather does, it can be attributed to that elusive Global Warming (It has been missing for 11 years, but we are assured that it is still out there). If we have a wet summer it's all down to Global Warming. If we have a dry summer it's all down to......yes you guessed it..... Global Bloody Warming. No matter how many Global Warming theories are debunked the monster just keeps on growing. No matter what public opinion may be, the monster's momentum is relentless.

Governments are hot for Global Warming as it opens all sorts of new tax possibilities (especially in the UK). There's the increase in road tax on gas guzzlers, road tolls, bin taxes, fines on businesses, air travel tax and landfill tax. Landfill tax is a real money spinner for the government. In 1996 landfill tax was set at £7 per tonne. It is now £32 per tonne and will increase by £8 per tonne each year from April 2009 until at least 2010/11). There's a lot of money to be made out of Global Warming by greedy governments with an eye on our money (£1bn/year from landfill alone - and rising fast).

However, the main reason for an imminent defeat (at least on the argument of whether it is actually happening) for me and other climate change sceptics is this: If the global temperature does eventually go up (no sign yet) then the Global Warming alarmists will be proved right. But more crucially (and here's the irony of it all), if the global temperature fails to climb over say, the next twenty years, then the alarmists will throw their arms up in the air and claim in triumphant voices: "We did it! - we stopped Global Warming!"

That said, I still believe we should and must oppose the alarmists. The more we fight, the harder it will become for governments to pass Green Tax legislation.


Mulligan said...

No money in being a climate change sceptic. End of.

Research Scientists and media environment correspondents have to eat, and certainly know which side the bread is buttered in this one.

Daily Referendum said...


You are spot on, money talks.

J J said...

The world has been warming up and cooling down for millions of years.

To think that we have anything to do with it is arrogant beyond belief.

There is no such thing as 'green taxes',just taxes.

Anonymous said...

Demand Debate

CO2 is a GHG, plant food and fertilizer. Politicians treat voters like children on the AGW issue by offering the only two options they want us to have: Cap and Trade or Carbon Tax. What about listening to the science? There is no experimental evidence to support CO2 and AGW. Alarmists built the house of cards decades ago. Demand debate and see what the environmental lobby groups say.

As I understand it, the theory, supported by experiments, of the Danish National Space Center goes as follows: Active sun = enhanced magnetic field = solar wind = geomagnetic shield response = less low-level clouds = less heat reflected = warmer climate.

Inactive sun = reduced magnetic field = reduced solar wind = geomagnetic shield drops = galactic cosmic ray flux = more low-level clouds and more snow = more heat reflected = colder climate.

That is how the bulk of climate change might work, modulated by sunspot peak frequency there are cycles of global warming and cooling like waves in the ocean. When the waves are closely spaced, the planets warm; when the waves are spaced farther apart, the planets cool.

AAAS published the correlation paper in Science in 1991 by Fris-Christiensen and Lassen. They demonstrated a 95% correlation between sunspot peak frequency and warming and cooling. Further correlation failed, likely due to cooling from Pinatubo eruption. Since then Svensmark et al (2006) published experimental support for the cosmic ray (sunspot modulated) hypothesis in the Journal of the Royal Academy. Unfortunately all this was missed out by the UN IPCC. Whether this is a political issue or not, the public and media knowledge of the science is incomplete and unbalanced and needs to be brought out into the daylight.

The Danish National Space Center will be conducting further experiments inn the CERN facility shortly. Politicians should know the lay of the land before they devote more money to warming than might be needed for cooling.
Unless it cools off. Then we have a problem. 95% is natural cyclng. The balance of 5% of 0.7 degree Celsius might be claimed for AGW.

Unknown said...

Quoted from the article:

There's a lot of money to be made out of Global Warming by greedy governments with an eye on our money (£1bn/year from landfill alone - and rising fast).

You speak the truth about that reflection of the problem in the hall of mirrors called politics. But as ever, you and everyone else fails to see the little man behind the curtain. That little man is known as Central Banking. Banksters, you see rent out their fiat money at interest to governments in order that the taxes received keep the interest in balance without ever touching the principle of the debt. The human population is finite. When taxes can no longer be raised for fear of rebellion, deficeit results with its cousin inflation.

Politicians think if they keep new causes in the public eye, keep spending on these false flag issues, money will be granted to them by banksters. This is how it's always worked. However, now the Ponzy scheme falls apart because MONEY and ASSET BACKED BANK NOTES are worlds apart. Most tribute slaves never realize this. Most politicians never realize this. And banksters have got away with their tyrannical scheme for nearly a hundred years. Despite their money is also fiat and just as worthless as our street level money it is illegal to trade in any other medium of exchange including barter. Nice to know where Gengis Khan, Hitler, Togjo, and and Pappa Joe Stalin all failed to conquer the world, world central banksters have succeeded. Enjoy your serf statis. Being a well treated tribute slave is ok for most of the world's Joe and Jane Sixpacks. Don't make waves.