Monday, 29 September 2008

David Cameron and George Osborne - A great team.

If you want to see how a Prime Minister and his Chancellor should get on, watch this clip of the aftermath of George Osborne's speech to the Conservative conference.

And Compare that to Labour.


Unknown said...

That's inspiring. What a Nice man David Cameron is! No, really, I mean that. And George O seems competent too. Think we have a winning team there. (Having said that I SO hope we're not here in 10yrs time saying what a wonderful spin they put out back then...;-(

John M Ward said...

Yup, agreed by me. Whatever the hostile sections of the mainstream media and the Left-leaning commentators there and in the blogosphere try to make us all believe, Cameron is decent and genuine.

Osborne has really grown into his job, and this year I have seen that he is very mature and capable, as I witnessed in the sequence of group sessions on Sunday.

Those two and the rest of the Shadow Cabinet are the only this country now has, and I have been a little concerned at that in years gone past.

Despite a few niggling concerns, I now have considerable confidence that we will make it through the very tough times up ahead, though it won't exactly be fun for years to come. Just bring on that election, and it could start within a very few months, befor things grow much worse.

Unknown said...

That's reassuring John. I think you meant to write 'the only hope we have'. I think you're right. That's a massive burden for DC and team to carry - or an immense opportunity.

You know if I could say one thing to them it would be "PLEASE, lead us back to our Britain"

Hey, that's a good campaign slogan = Conservatives/Cameron: leading us back to our Britain!

The other thing I would say is Don't spin A THING! Be honest! The public urgently needs to have its faith and trust in government fundamentally rebuilt.

The last thing we need is another gvt that lies and suffers from tortuous delusions and fantasies to the extent that half the time it doesn't understand that it's lying.

Let's hope that 'cometh the hour, cometh the man' holds fast here.

John M Ward said...

Ah, yes! I missed that word earlier. I really am hope-less...

Nice slogan, that: maybe you should suggest it to them?