Saturday, 13 September 2008

Fiona Phillips in The Mirror- Always good for a laugh.

Fiona PhillipsAnd now for something completely different:

Political genius Fiona Phillips spoils us with more words of wisdom in her Mirror column today:
Gordon Brown shows he still has what it takes to be our Prime Minister.

Surely the public mauling of Gordon Brown has now gone too far. He's been called everything from "indecisive" and "weak" to "unappetising" and much worse. The daily lashing of his character would be enough to make a lesser being throw in the towel. The fact that he hasn't shows he still has the mettle to lead the country.
That's funny, because only two weeks ago when explaining her decision to turn down a job with the government, Fiona told The Mail on Sunday: "It’s very unlikely he [Gordon Brown] will win the Election and I didn’t want to give up everything and have only a guarantee of a job for possibly only a few months."

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