Thursday, 20 November 2008

Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling split to widen?

Being a political blogger I'm a keen follower of all things political in the news. That said, I have to ask where is Alistair Darling? Why is Gordon Brown doing his saviour of the financial world routine when surely that is the chancellor's job? If a poll where held, how many amongst the general public would know the chancellor's name? And why are we constantly hearing from the media, announcements which should be made in parliament?

Gordon Brown has turned into a one man band media luvvie who has no regard for his chancellor or parliamentary process. Stories are circulating that there is a large split developing between the PM and Darling over Gordon's wild borrowing and spending plans. I'm sure Darling is all too aware that he will be left carrying the can when it all turns pear shaped - Brown will go back to his bunker.

Darling must be sure that the man who caused him to be facing this economic nightmare with an empty cupboard will only cause more harm. Are Brown's flamboyant tax plans really designed to bring the country through these difficult times - or are these short term Christmas tax cons designed to save Gordon Brown's career?

I hope that Darling puts the country ahead of political gain and finds the guts to stand up to Brown.

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Anonymous said...

The thing about Darling is that you get the impression he went into politics for the right reasons, and that he does actually try his best. Don't get me wrong - the socialist beliefs that drove him to politics do not sit well with me, and he has proven to be pretty useless at whatever government job he has ever had. But he has this air of grinding away about him. Brown got into politics because he sucked at living in the real world, and because he has a desire to be the boss of people. When you have such personalities, and combine them with a crisis like this, it's no wonder you're going to get a split. I can just imagine Darling being petrified that he's going to get the blame for all this, while Brown sits there thinking he's awesome.

Man in a Shed said...

A mate of mine used to work for one of Darling's old depts as a civil servant. He reported that his civil servants liked him as he had a sense of humanity and made a clear priority for his family.

Lets hope he takes the office of state he holds and the trust it implies seriously. Some things come before party.

Anonymous said...

A damning description by the Man in a Shed. Such nice people in politics rarely have the Balls (excuse the relentless tedious pun) and it is right now that Darling needs to be resolute, even being ready to resign on principle.

Anonymous said...

Darling's allegiance seems to be to labour unionists political (financial) gains. He'll be retained or replaced on this basis.

He's non-aggressive in interviews unlike other nulabor 'bruisers'.
Whilst he appears honest, he works to Brown's diktat and removal from reality.