Monday, 8 December 2008

Government's motion defeated by Ming's amendment!

I've been watching the entire debate on the need for a committee to look into the police entering Damian Green's office. It's been a fascinating afternoon, which started off fairly partisan, but which turned quickly bi-partisan upon the amendment to the government's motion being put forward by Sir Ming Campbell. It looks very much like the amendment will be accepted by parliament.

Sir Ming has put forward that the committee should be independent and not be made up of a government majority. He also asks that the committee should proceed immediately, in camera if necessary. The committee should report its findings "not later than 30 January 2009" and "on the circumstances that surround that search and seizure".

I can't believe that Ming's amendment did not win approval. As you can see from the title of this post I fully believed this amendment would be passed. If you had listened to the debate as I have, you would have to agree. Some severe whipping has being going on. What a bloody sham!

UPDATE: It's good to see that both the Conservatives and Lib Dems are boycotting this rigged committee. Democracy in this country is hanging from a Cliff by its fingertips, and this Labour government is peeling those fingers away one at a time.

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