Saturday, 28 February 2009

Quote of the day: Gordon Brown to Labour's National Policy Forum.

Gordon Brown at today's Labour National Policy Forum:

"For me our purpose has never been clearer"

Quite - I'm sure Brown's "purpose" is becoming "clearer" by the day to the citizens of this country. I'm assuming that that "purpose" is to ruin the country?


Paul Sloane said...

Give the guy a break. Why are you so cynical and negative? He is the best Prime Minister we have got right now.

Daily Referendum said...


Nice one mate.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown who claims nothing is he fault.

Shaun Austin said...

Wonder if it would be too much to ask for Gordon to relinquish his pension benefits seeing as he's done the same wrecking job with the economy as Fred the Shred did with RBS (if not orders of magnitude worse)

Daily Referendum said...


There are two chances of that happening, and one is called Adam.

Oliver said...

flash Gordon Brown said:
"Our task must be nothing less than to rebuild a financial system where it has failed, and then to create an economy in which banks are no longer serving themselves but are serving the public of this country."
His task should be to call a general election and let the winners decide what is good for our country and not the labour party or its cronies.