Saturday, 11 April 2009

Dale, Guido, Draper & McBride. The good, the bad, the dirty and the smeary.

As Guido says: "He who lives by the smear...."

This could well turn out to be the political story of the year - and we've had some crackers already (TV porn, secret documents, dodgy expenses etc...). It's a good day to be an opposition blogger. I've got a lovely warm feeling inside and I'm wearing a permanent little smile. We in the blogosphere have known for a good while that Labour are a dirty party. The Tory Toff campaign was just the tip of an iceberg, and it looks like that iceberg is finally rising out of the water to show its large grimy bulk.

You can read all about this unfolding nightmare for Labour over at Guido's and Iain Dale's. I can't imagine Damian McBride keeping his job after this further embarrassment to Brown, and I think it may be the last we see of the dastardly Draper - oh dear, how sad, never mind... I would just like to say THANKS DEREK!!! what a cheese! Don't you just love Karma?

I'm going to enjoy watching this snowball today, and I can't wait for the details to be published in tomorrow's papers. Apparently there are some truly nasty smears contained in those emails passed between McBride and Draper. Downing Street are of course denying all knowledge - wouldn't it be embarrassing if that turned out to be yet another Labour lie?

Happy days.


Anonymous said...

I thought Karma hit you in the next life...It's good to see that it can be brought forward for the truly deserving!

Daily Referendum said...


I think this could count as a political death.

Andrew Allison said...

This Labour government is nearing its end, Steve, and like all governments that are about to expire, everything goes wrong. Cock-ups abound; wrong people in the wrong jobs; incoherent strategies; incoherent policies and an inability to control the news agenda. Draper and McBride should be toast, but it would not surprise me if they survive. Everyone else seems to have done (at least politically), but if you are police officer... We all know how the story ends.

John M Ward said...

I share that warm glowing feeling inside, Steve.

Despite the best (desperate?) efforts of Labour and Downing Street, aided by the BBC and any strings they could pull at the mainstream printed media such as The Telegraph, there are going to be casualties as a result of this.

They can't (as yet) find anyone with credibility to rebut the story — and Dolly Draper appears to be considered expendable now. What will happen to his Rapid Re-btthead Unit if he goes?

The message is simple: Labour are like this by nature. We all knew it, but now that the veneer has chipped, we can all see the rot that had been concealed beneath.

Anonymous said...

Looking at your photo I can hardly believe you know what blogging is. I would have thought you were a traffic warden or animal control type person. Not someone who fancies themselves as part of cyber.

Daily Referendum said...


Stop please, your taunts are killing me. You've really upset me, you must be some kind of piss taking genius. If I promise to sstop blogging will you leave me alone?