Friday, 2 October 2009

Will Gordon Brown bottle the election debates?

From the BBC:

The BBC, ITV and BSkyB have put forward a joint proposal to stage three live election debates between the leaders of the three main political parties.

Under the plan, the three broadcasters would stage one debate each in peak time with the footage later being made available to other broadcasters.

Sky has challenged the party leaders to take part in a debate.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have agreed to do so, while Gordon Brown has yet to make his position clear.

I don't think he will bottle it this time, but only because he can't dodge this without looking weaker than he already is. Many have described this as potential car crash TV. It's obvious that this is the last thing that Gordon Brown is equipped to handle.

Brown is only comfortable at PMQs because he has been allowed to totally ignore the questions put to him. You may have also noticed that he only allows one question per person at his press briefings - that way he can come up with any old rubbish without being pulled up for it. A debate is the last thing Brown wants - but it will make great viewing.

UPDATE: The Conservatives welcomed the move by the broadcasters. A spokesman said: “We are delighted that the broadcasters have responded so positively to our suggestion of a joint bid for these debates, and we look forward to making it happen. All that remains is for Gordon Brown to stop dithering and commit to taking part.”

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Anonymous said...


only problem is that, with the Irish having now been bought off, Mandy's masterplan of his premiership to Tony's presidency has moved a huge step forward today, and Brown is now completely disposable.

I'd be very, very surprised if Sarah's hero still has the gig by Christmas, and he probably knows it so can make whatever commitments for next year he likes.