Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Climate Change Ad Petition hits 1000 signatures.

Some people believe that No10 Petitions don't work, or are a waste of time. I think that is true in many cases, but sometimes you just have to try to let the government know when they are getting something drastically wrong. My petition to "Stop wasting taxpayer's money on climate change propaganda designed to frighten our children" is worth signing because it backs up the opinion of over 350 people who have written to the Advertising Standards Agency to complain about the puppy drowning climate change ad. The ad has been called many things: Indoctrination, propaganda, brainwashing, non-factual and frightening to name just a few.

All the major papers and news channels have ran articles questioning the government's judgement for not only showing this ad during prime time TV, but for also spending six million pounds of taxpayers' money on it. For example, today the Daily Mail is running the article: It's YOUR fault the kittens and puppies will drown, Daddy!. My petition has been successful in that it has surpassed the 500 signatures required to warrant a response from the government. At the time of writing 1000 people have signed the petition, but many more are needed to drive the message home - so please spread the word.

There could be massive ramifications if the ASA find that the claims made in the ad about climate change cannot be substantiated. It will at least open the debate for a while and stop governments forcing man made climate change down our throats as if it was a fact.

You can complain to the ASA by clicking HERE.

Please sign the petition by clicking HERE, or on the drowning puppy.


Daniel1979 said...

Well done Steve!

I have a petition that is currently stuck on 4 signatures and has been for a while. I might have to give up hope on that one!

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers Daniel,