Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Poll: Should China have executed drug smuggler Akmal Shaikh?

Akmal Shaikh, a British citizen, was executed today in China after being found guilty of drug smuggling. These things are never straight forward, and this case was complicated by claims that Akmal Shaikh was suffering from a mental illness (Bipolar Disorder). The Chinese dismissed these claims, saying that no evidence of mental illness could be found in the man's medical records. Since Akmal Shaikh's death, statements of condemnation have been made by the government and opposition leaders. They express their dismay that Akmal did not receive an independent mental health assessment whilst in custody.

Philip Alston, a UN special rapporteur, said the execution amounted to a violation of Chinese and international law. "International law points very strongly in the direction of the principle that the death penalty should only be used for crimes which result directly in the death of others". However, a spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy said: "The amount of heroin he brought into China was 4,030g, enough to cause 26,800 deaths, threatening numerous families."

Leo McKinstry of the Daily Mail says: "In contrast to New Labour's policy of appeasement and surrender, the Chinese Government acts vigorously to defend its people from the misery caused by the drugs trade. My regret is not over tough action by Beijing, but the fact that we in this country do not possess the moral clarity or strength of purpose to deal ruthlessly with drug peddlers and other enemies of our society."

So are we in the West too soft? Is China guilty of not giving Akmal Shaikh a fair trial, and of passing an excessive sentence? Should the death sentence ever be used?

Should China have executed drug smuggler Akmal Shaikh?
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Bill Ross said...

The point is, he went into territory that carries the death penalty for the crime he was commiting. I believe he went, calm in the belief that a plea of mental instability would work in his favour and pull him out of any cesspit that he'd be thrown into.
Bipolar disorder or not, he had the presence of mind to commit this crime in the country that has the death penalty for it. His confidence in the mental disorder escape route has backfired on him. What is wrong with these people, what is wrong with the bleeding hearts that sympathise with him? We know that drugs are the scourge of modern life in Britain and they are the source of ramification crime right across the board. Drugs are making ALL our lives miserable. At least this consignment didn't get onto our streets.

Daily Referendum said...

Hi Bill,

Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I was watching the new Star Trek movie on Sky box office (on my laptop) Judging by the result of my poll, most people agree with you.

Why do Liberals always seem to get their way? It will take years to turn this planet back on a course of common sense. Mercy is great, but sometimes the greater good is done by not showing it.

Anonymous said...

Liberals show absolutely no mercy for the innocent victims...

The Parable of the Good Social Worker... A traveller is on the road from Wandsworth to Brixton. He is set upon by muggers and is beaten senseless, robbed of all his valuables and left laying in the gutter. Another traveller passed along the same road and saw the unconscious man laying there. Not wanting to get involved he crossed to the other side and walked on. A second traveller came by and did the same. Then a Social Worker came along. They saw the man laying unconscious and went over to them. "My God!" They said. "Whoever did this needs help." Then they hurried on their way to try and find them.

Daily Referendum said...

Too true H, too true.

Bill Ross said...

Hi Harry (and Steve), that's almost word for word the Samaritan story in the Bible, except for the ending. I suspect that before I'm much older, somebody is going to get me started on political correctness.

In answer to Steve's question, the reason the bleeding heart Liberals SEEM to get their way is based on the 'empty vessels make most noise' syndrome. It's the case of minority groups having to work so hard to create the impression that they represent the majority, which they clearly do not. But y'know, if people are told something often and loudly enough, they will believe it. For example, how many millions actually believed that Cassius Clay was the "greatest" boxer of all time? Rocky Marciano would have had him for breakfast, but I'm digressing, sorry.

They (the Liberals) are supported by radio and TV presenters who could not keep their jobs unless they toe the PC line (how many times has James Whale been sacked for speaking what he believes to be the truth? I forget, it's so many).

A typical radio presenter must support PC, climate change belief, homosexuality embracement, racial harmony and the disbelief in God; er, hang on, they ARE allowed to believe in Allah. Check out George Galloway's phone in on Talksport at weekends for confirmation of all of what I'm saying. If you don't wallow in all of these categories of doctrine, then you'll be called a bigot. Steal their thunder - agree with them. That ends all arguments. Sorry to harp on so long.

Anonymous said...

I know Bill... that's how Marxism works... when destroying a country from the inside.

Anonymous said...

Two good things to come out of this situation... Akmal Shaikh will no longer be selling drugs to children... and his medical condition has been cured.

In Broken Britain 2009... that could be claimed as a result, by any fair minded person.

Bill Ross said...

Hhm, yeah, I like it.