Monday, 4 January 2010

Anjem Choudary's protest march in Wootton Bassett

In the last few day's we have all heard about Anjem Choudary's planned protest march in Wootton Bassett. Is this really the best way for "the religion of peace" to get it's point across about British intervention in Afghanistan? It could be argued that because of the sensitive nature of the town that the message will get greater media coverage. As an ex-serviceman and I find this manipulation of public sentiment deeply offensive.

Anjem Choudary's argument is a political one, whereas Wootton Bassett is not a place of politics, it is a place where we honour our returning dead. Choudary is intent on using this place of respect as a political vehicle. I believe that Choudary has the right to say anything he likes as long as it is within the law of this land. I also believe he has the right to protest, but I do not think he should be allowed to protest in a place where we show respect to our fallen. It is a distasteful and ill-thought plan which will only incite hatred.

Choudary has written a open letter to families of British soldiers in Afghanistan in an attempt to explain his plan to protest on the streets of Wootton Bassett. What stood out to me from his letter was the opening line: "May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon those who follow the guidance." Wouldn't a better message be "peace and goodwill to all men"? In this country, Christians are brought up to respect the beliefs of others (our children are even taught about other religions in school), but it seems increasingly obvious that some of those others do not respect our beliefs.

Choudary should have his march, but in a political area such as Westminster, not in Wootton Bassett. I hope he reconsiders, because only a truly stupid man would be unaware that the current plan would only damage interfaith goodwill. If he goes ahead with the Wootton Bassett march - then he must be doing so with the intention of making a political statement - no matter what social damage results.

To Anjem Choudary I say this: Peace and goodwill to you and all men. Please reconsider.


kris said...

Why are people begging this fucker to "reconsider"? Since when did Anjem Frickin Choudary start calling the shots in this country?

There is a little thing called the Public Order Act in this nation. Guess what? I applies, even to Anjem and his band of topeka Westboro thugs.

s4A POA - intentional harassment
s5 POA - simple harassment

is it s11 or 12 where these morons need to apply for permission for their march?

The chief of police has the power to re-route marches or to ban them altogether if there is a serious risk of a riot.

Look again to the POA and you will see that "incitement" is also a crime.

Anjem knows all about it - he's been busted before.

There is a limit to "free speech" and it stops at harassment and incitement.

Going to Wooton Bassett to rub our soldiers' deaths in our faces is incitement.

TheBoilingFrog said...

Choudary won't march in Wootton Bassett - he wouldn't dare. This is just a publicity stunt, and the Police would likely prevent it anyway on grounds of possible breach of the peace.

Personally I think he should be allowed if only because it would give the opportunity of him being confronted by tens of thousands of peaceful protesters not letting him through and making him look a bit silly.

I would certainly turn up to stand in his way.

James Higham said...

I'm so close to running a post calling to deport these bstds - put em on a boat, lock the steering and just let it go. How dare they attack the very things we hold dear in our land.

Am I being unreasonable?

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

I think he should be allowed to protest, but the choice of location is designed for maximum inflammatory effect.

I have a curious slant on it here and wondered if anyone had any views on this?

Unknown said...

This man wants you to talk about him. It is a publicity stunt and a publicity stunt. Ignore him, as the press should have done, and he fails.

Bill (Transcriber) said...

This bigot is trying to emulate his leader Omar Bakri Muhammad. Thats the guy who even the Labour party
found too obnoxious and refused re-entry when he went to the Lebonon a few years ago.
Omar Bakri Muhammad referred to the 7/7 murderers as the magnificent Seven - you can see where his protege gets it from.
Read the Wikipedia page on this twit.
He reads like something from the pre-war Hitler youth. I expect though he would take that as a complement.
Nice even handed post Steve. But I think you are on a loser appealing to this guys sense of decency (he hasn't got any)

mirtha tidville said...

Why dont we just deport this bigotted bucket of shite......oh sorry cos Broon is trying to get his and his ilks vote.....only in Socialist Britain eh

Unknown said...

Choudary,s radical preaching teaches hatred,and his bitterness towards our Brave Soldiers has NO place in British Society.His party should be outlawed.If this coward feels so outraged by our actions in Afghanistan,lets send him and his supporters to the Taliban side,so that our Boys can kill them.DEPORTATION NOW.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is running this country now.Our culture,history and
everything our forefathers fought for is going down the 'pan' if we even consider this march. Go to a
Muslim country choudary - you
probably won't get the Dole and
Benefit system there you ungrateful
man.You are a Bigot!!!!!

Anonymous said...

first of Islam is not a religion of peace rather it is that of submission to Allah (god) secondly Wooten Baset has every thing to do with politics you agree with me that the soldiers have a right to choose weather or not to go war and they have made that conscious decision and they should be heald acount for that resion its like you saying to me condem the muder but not the muderer come on lets be real here if the mojority of the British public our against the war then what on earth is the government doing is not democracy the rule of the mojority.

if you cannot implement your own laws, principles in your own country then why on earth are you trying to implement it in some other mans land let us deal with our own problems and you deal with yours