Friday, 8 January 2010

Cision's Top 50 UK Blogs 7/1/2010

Here is Cision's latest top 50 UK blogs. Yes I'm only posting this because I made the list at No48.

The Top 50 UK blogs

1. Mashable
2. Iain Dale's Diary
3. Guido Fawkes
4. Political Betting
5. Eurogamer
6. Pickled Politics
7. Bad Science
8. John Redwood's Diary
9. Photography Blog
10. Conservative Home
11. Style Bubble
12. NHS Blog Doctor
13. Facehunter
14. All About Symbian
15. Dizzy Thinks
16. Devil's Kitchen
17. Archibishop Cranmer
18. Environmental Graffiti
19. Spoon Graphics
20. Harry's Place
21. Samizdata
22. Kingdom of Style
23. And Another Thing
24. Burning Our Money
25. Hecklerspray
26. Coolest Gadgets
27. Mr Eugenides
28. The Adam Smith Institute Blog
29. Neville Hobsom
30. Warren Ellis
31. Adam Westbrook
32. The Policeman's Blog
33. Random Acts of Reality
34. Stumbling and Mumbling
35. Slugger O'Toole
36. The Magistrate's Blog
37. An Englishman's Castle
38. UK Resistance
39. Biased BBC
40. Bloggerheads
41. The Diary of Samuel Pepys
42. Luke's Blog
43. Liberal Democrat Voice
44. Tim Worstall
45. Luxury Travel Blog
47. Proactive PR
48. Daily Referendum
49. Bob Piper
50. Westminster Wisdom


King Athelstan said...

Nice one, especially good to see You ahead of that despicable A-hole Bob Piper.

Anonymous said...

Well done Steve... not bad for a flat Earther.

Anonymous said...

Something for you to shred:

Call for Proposals - Town Twinning Citizens Meetings

The European Commission has announced the first call for proposals under its Town Twinning Initiative, which is part of the new Active Citizens for Europe Programme (2007 -2013). This call for proposals is under Action 1 - Measure 1.1 Town Twinning citizens meetings. Under this Measure grants of between €2,000 and €20,000 are available to support Town Twinning citizens meetings. Town twinning citizens' meetings consist in bringing together a wide range of citizens and citizens' groups from towns already twinned to; further develop strong, informal and personal relations between their citizens, to reinforce the participants' commitment to European integration; and to contribute to the development of an active European citizenship. To be eligible the applicant needs to be the municipality or its twinning association in which the meeting will take place. The deadline for applications is the 1st February 2010.

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks Anon.

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks KA, thanks H

Daily Referendum said...

Anon, have you got the full Url?

CherryPie said...

Congratulations :-)

Sports Picks said...

Well done Steve,Nice one, especially good to see You ahead of that despicable A-hole Bob Piper.