Saturday, 9 January 2010

Climate Change - Christopher Booker sums up.

From Christopher Booker in the Telegraph:
Impeccable was the timing of that announcement that directors of the Met Office were last year given pay rises of up to 33 per cent, putting its £200,000-a-year chief executive into a higher pay bracket than the Prime Minister. As Britain shivered through Arctic cold and its heaviest snowfalls for decades, our global-warming-obsessed Government machine was caught out in all directions.

For a start, we saw Met Office spokesmen trying to explain why it had got its seasonal forecasts hopelessly wrong for three cold winters and three cool summers in a row. The current cold snap, we were told with the aid of the BBC – itself facing an inquiry into its relentless obsession with “global warming” – was just a “regional” phenomenon, due to “natural” factors. No attempt was made to explain why the same freezing weather is affecting much of the northern hemisphere (with 1,200 places in the US alone last week reporting record snow and low temperatures). And this is the body on which, through its Hadley Centre for Climate Change and the discredited Climatic Research Unit, the world’s politicians rely for weather forecasting 100 years ahead.

Then, as councils across Britain ran out of salt for frozen roads, we had the Transport Minister, Lord Adonis, admitting that we entered this cold spell with only six days’ supply of grit. No mention of the fact that the Highways Agency and councils had been advised that there was no need for them to stockpile any more – let alone that many councils now have more “climate change officials” than gritters...... Continue reading.


Anonymous said...

John Hirst claimed on the Daily Politics that the Met Office did forecast the extreme cold weather we are experiencing.

However his lie has been exposed by his own Director of Operations who was holding forth on Newsnight.

You can see it all for yourself at Autonomous Mind

Anonymous said...

there's a basic (not including the Arctic Oscillation but probably too tricksy for the retards who read this mind) explanation here:

"The low temperatures in the UK have also been accompanied by snow. This is because areas of low pressure have been running in from the north-east, tracking across the North Sea and picking up moisture along the way, which falls as snow.

However, it is not cold everywhere in the world. North-east America, Canada, North Africa, the Mediterranean, and south-west Asia have all seen temperatures above normal – in many places by more than 5 °C, and in parts of northern Canada, by more than 10 °C

Is it colder than average?
The mean UK temperature for December was 2.1 °C, making it the coldest for 14 years and colder than the long-term average for December of 4.2 °C. However, December was one of only two months in 2009 which had a below-average mean temperature.

What does this say about climate change?

Climate change is taking place as the earth continues to warm up.

In the UK, 2009 as a whole was the 14th-warmest on record (since 1914). This above-average temperature trend was reflected globally, with 2009 being the fifth-warmest year on the global record (since 1850).

The current cold weather in the UK is part of the normal regional variations that take place in the winter season. It doesn’t tell us anything about climate change, which has to be looked at in a global context and over longer periods of time"

pissing in the wind I know, but you do what you can.

Dan Pangburn said...

The on-going temperature decline trend was predicted.

All average global temperatures since 1895 are accurately predicted by a simple model using the first law of thermodynamics and the time-integral (same as ‘running total’ if time steps are equal) of sunspot count. The standard deviation of concurrent measured minus predicted temperatures since 1900 is 0.064 C. There was no need to consider any change to the level of CO2 or any other greenhouse gas. Climate change is natural.

The model, with an eye-opening graph, is presented in the October 16 pdf at (One of the discoveries made during this research was the effective sea surface temperature oscillation. The integral of the PDO Index indicates a substantial measure of sea surface temperatures, as does ENSO 3.4, but not all so replace all references to PDO with ESST for Effective Sea Surface Temperature).

This model predicted the ongoing temperature decline trend. None of the 20 or so models that the IPCC uses did.

Without human-caused global warming there is no human-caused climate change.

PhD Granny said...

I refer you bright scientists to the 1975 school text book which argues the case (quite eloquently too) for the planet freezing us all to death by 2020 - the same scientists, I have no doubt, that warned us (very eloquently and slightly hysterically) that all the computers were going to crash on I Jan 2000 and the world as we know it was doomed.

Now they're banging on about Global warming (oh wait - to much evidence that isn't happening -let's call it climate change instead) - and what do you know - the world as we know it is doomed.

We elder folk know you for what you are ... fools!

Lone Wolf said...

Global warming is an increase in the average global temperature. Some places will get colder, some places will get hotter, some places will get wetter, some places will get dryer.