Thursday, 21 January 2010

English votes on English Laws - Vote Now.

From Power2010:
Our democracy is in crisis. MPs fiddle while the planet burns. Our rights and freedoms are under attack. Bankers blow billions and the taxpayer foots the bill. We can't go on like this.

We need a healthy democracy that works for all of us and not just a powerful few. POWER2010 exists to help create it. It gives you the chance to have your say on how our democracy works so that together we can change it for the better.

Do you want cleaner funding? Fairer voting? More accountability? You decide. Tell us your ideas for changing the way we run our country. Those with most support will become the POWER2010 Pledge and the focus for our national campaign at the next election.
I'm personally in favour of the idea of "English votes on English Laws" that someone has put forward:

Currently Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales each have their own parliament or assembly with devolved powers over education, health and other areas.

MPs from these countries sitting in the UK Parliament, however, still retain the right to vote on laws that will apply in England and not their own countries.

A system of English votes on English laws would mean that only those MPs in Westminster representing English constituencies would be permitted to vote on England-only laws.

Why you should vote for this reform:

• It prevents laws being passed due to the votes of Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh MPs who won't be held accountable for how they voted because the laws don't affect their constituents.

• It ends the fundamental unfairness of MPs from one country voting on issues that affect another country whose MPs don't enjoy the equivalent right.

• It gives the English nation a political voice at the national level, which at the moment it lacks.

You can vote for this HERE


Anonymous said...

Surely this wouldnt be in the 'Best Interests' of Scotland, Wales and N Ireland???, so surely in the interests of the null and void as of 1997 and laughably titled "United Kingdom" England must continue to keep coming last and whats best for the non-English Regions should be paramount right?, after all England only provides 85% of the "Yoo Kays" Population and 90% of the wealth!.

The only thing England gets out of the "United" (LOL) Kingdom is the BILL!, i dont see this vote passing in the Scottish Parliament South at Westminster, not while Broon and LacLabour are in power at least.

Good first step, but heres a better idea, lets have an ENGLISH Parliament!, thats good enough for 'Scotland' afterall!, no wee Scottish votes on Scottish laws for them! Ochhh Noooo!! they have their haggis and eat it dont you know!

William Blakes Ghost said...

Power 2010 is a crap site where you cannot vote against a proposal. What sort of democracy is that.

Forget it - it has no credibility and nor does EVfEL as it happens (its just as divisive as the original Devolution act).

Unknown said...

Devolution in Wales is an expensive mess that has resulted in ... poor education and an under performing health service; all at an annual cost of £350 million just to run the Assembly government talking shop, that's before they start spending the £8,139 for every one of the 3 million people. To put the amount into perspective the South East has £6,304 for each person.

You would do everyone a favour if you insisted the Westminster government asked the people in Wales to re-join England as a political unit, or get out completely and go it alone. Westminster created a monster made up of mediocre politicians whose only attribute is the ability to spend our hard earned taxes like water.

Anonymous said...

"Power 2010 is a crap site where you cannot vote against a proposal. What sort of democracy is that."

Careful lads, Power2010 is Common Purpose.


Anonymous said...

Everyone should Twitter this as well as send it every English voter in their mailbox [that's every voter in England, to clarify for those who only think in colour, which is totally irrelevant to the voting system!]

I voted for this a while ago, but am pretty miffed that some prat didn't think we should be able to have our own Parliament - now that really would be democracy, not just the piffling EVoEL, which is totally unworkable. Whip system, Scottish PM, Scottish Speaker, Scottish English Ministers? The savvy will understand the implications, whereas the stupid won't.

Stephen Gash said...

I'm not interested in English Votes on English Laws (EVEL) because I won't vote for second class status merely to elevate myself from third class status.

Since devolution the English have proved themselves not only to be equal to Scots, Welsh and Irish, but better than them.

No English person would allow cancer drugs to be available in England, but not in Scotland, or free prescription charges in England, but not in Wales.

No Englishman would consider it fair for only Scots to pay top-up fees when attending English universities when every other EU student does not pay them.

No Englishman would say that only the English should have a devolved parliament in what is supposed to be a United Kingdom.

Since the Power 2010 charade, I'm even more determined to see an England free of all political unions, but especially free of the UK which is expensive in every way, to the English.

Steve Liddle said...

Ran a whois check on the site mentioned, not even a UK person or company.

I agree that the English should vote on English law, why are the yanks getting involved with it ?