Thursday, 21 January 2010

Gordon Brown cares more about saving his job than our lives.

Our Armed Forces are fighting in Afghanistan and good people are dieing. We have had terrorist attacks on our streets and innocents have died. Gordon Brown tells us that he is committed to fighting terror, so why are essential foreign office operations and projects being cut back, or totally scrapped?

Brown claims that spending has increased and that's true, but thanks to the government's removal (in 2007) of the protection that was in place to guard foreign office projects against fluctuations in exchange rates, the foreign office now has less money to protect this country. It speaks volumes that Gordon Brown can spend millions on vote winning bribes like the "Bribo" laptop, but cannot bring himself to spend money on what he claims to be our "number one security threat".

Shadow Foreign Office minister David Lidington said:
"We have a government, and in particular a prime minister, which is indifferent to the point of negligence towards the global interests of the United Kingdom".
Lib Dem foreign affairs spokesman Edward Davey said:
"Cuts to essential counter-terrorism work in Pakistan are simply unacceptable. "When our troops are in Afghanistan to fight the terrorist threat, it is a betrayal of their sacrifice to slash the diplomatic budget crucial to crushing the very source of that threat."
Gordon Brown is not fit to run this country.


subrosa said...

Indifferent to the point of total neglect I would say Steve and the neglect borders on criminality from a PM.

Sue said...

Perhaps they should suspend flights from the key areas that terrorists use. They've already done it to the Yemen.

The absence of controls in Pakistan is bound to make it easier for terrorists to fly.

IanPJ said...

Which begs the question:

Is it really the threat that it has been played up to be, or just another method of forcing authoritarian legislation through parliament.

Catosays said...

I'll keep saying it to the point of boredom....our troops should not be in Afghanistan. If our streets are that much at risk then it's the fault of this bloody government that they are in such a parlous state.
Bring the troops home, defend our borders properly. Grab the scum who are causing trouble and kick their arses out of our country.

If they want to appeal against the immigration officer's decision then they can do so from where they came.

too many flights to suspend said...

I don't think it's practical to suspend all flights out of the UK.

TheBoilingFrog said...

Gordon Brown is not fit to run this country.

Agree completely, hasn't it long been suspected that Brown deliberately cut defence budgets in order to make Blair's interventionist wars more difficult as a way of accelerating the leadership handover.

The man is an unpatriotic disgrace.

psychotrader said...

why not just bring them all home? then they wont need more money

Anonymous said...

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