Saturday, 13 February 2010

David Cameron Video: Why you should consider voting Conservative.

If you haven't voted Conservative for a long time (or ever) then please take the time to watch this short video from David Cameron. I'm a new Conservative, never having voted anything but Labour during my adult life. I was brought up on a Barnsley council estate during the 70s and 80s - a time and a place when people would vote for a donkey if it wore a red rosette.

So why have I now joined the Conservative Party and why do I spend my time and energy fighting to get rid of our Labour government? The answer is quite simple, back in 1997, New Labour came in with some great ideas, they have thrown money in all the right places, BUT they have totally and utterly failed to manage how that money has been spent. And that's it - they've spent billions, got us into massive debt (even before the crunch) and I, like many others, believe the country is a worse place to live than it was before they started. That's what happens when you give money and power to people with good ideas, but no experience in the world outside of politics.

But it's not just how they have wasted our money, they have done far worse. They have been responsible for the social and moral decline we have all seen since they came to power. When accused of this, a Labour minister, quick as a flash, pops up on our TV screens to spew out tractor production figures that none of us believe. We don't need dodgy figures. We can all sense and see how far the standards in this country have dropped.

Anyway, please watch the video and keep an open mind:


Sean O'Hare said...


I hadn't realised that you were one of the converted. It sort of explains your zealotry for the Tories, a bit like an ex-smoker! As your website banner proclaims you are anti-Lisbon and a climate change sceptic, you should by now have realised that Dave supports neither of these views, although they both probably have grassroot support. What can be done about it? I don't know which is why I'm still floundering around deciding who, if any, to vote for.

Unknown said...

Well said Steve.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that you both belong in UKIP where these things would actually be possible. Cameron has no intention of leaving the EU and Lisbon has been solidified for all those who remain 'in'.

Anonymous said...

Cameron says anything he thinks will get him votes, and he thinks getting rid of the hunting ban will do just this, what he doesn't know is that most people actually not only want it to stay but also to be strengthened. Make no mistake, if you encourage people to switch to voting for cold eye Cameron you will be responsible for millions of animals being hounded to death by packs of dogs and England taking a step backwards in animal welfare

James Higham said...

You have two entirely different themes here - David Cameron and then Conservatives. One is employing command and control tactics and the other is unrepresented.

This is the Conservative dilemma.

disillusioned said...

Thank you Steve - I hadn't realised you were, like me, a long term Labour voter. I have to admit it came as something of a surprise, but then there are seldom more dedicated adherents to a cause than converts.

I have been dreading the election and what to do with my vote; I cannot vote Labour again as they have all but destroyed the country I knew and loved, taking our freedoms and our economy 'down the tube'.

Thanks for posting the video; I am still uncertain about changing the habits of a lifetime, but desperate times - and all that.

Although other parties offer things I support, eg UKIP, I quite honestly can't see a vote for UKIP benefitting anyone but Labour - in the long run.

It looks as if I will have to hold my nose, hope for the best (surely it couldn't be worse?) and vote Conservative.

Daily Referendum said...

James, a party leader trying to control and win an election? what ever next. I think it's called leadership. If you want to vote for a party that can win the election then you have to vote Labour or Conservative - take your pick. If I vote UKIP, BNP, Green, MRLP, CEP or anything else I will be wasting my vote. I want to vote for a party that has a chance of actually winning.

Daily Referendum said...


Spot on. If you want to vote for a party that can win, you have to vote Labour or Conservative. I think another five years of Labour would destroy this country.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe people are still falling for this three party system that has destroyed everything great about this country. The Tories tell you that a vote for UKIP is a vote for Labour because they are losing a large part of their party to UKIP and they know it. UKIP plans to have candidates in most of the constituencies in this general election. They stand for exactly what you you are looking for. People need to grow a backbone and stop voting for the same 3 party failure we've seen for decades now. What little difference you see between Cameron and Brown (shrinking daily now) will be negated by EU legislation that Cameron is not at will to disregard. He knows that but when the time comes, it will be his excuse for not keeping party promises. Watch and see!

John, I agree with you completely re: the hunting act. That is the true face of Cameron and friends. Check out our site at:

Daily Referendum said...


Total and utter bullshit, you may not mind having another five years of Brown, but many voting UKIP will not realise that that is what they are going to get by voting for a party that cannot win. You will be to blame for the next Labour government and people will not forget. UKIP my arse - cut out the middle man and just vote Labour for Christ's sake!