Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Some of my favourite tweets from David Wright MP

Labour MP David Wright is trying to say that he didn't write the tweet calling Tories "scum sucking pigs" well that is utter rubbish and I'm 100% positive that the truth will come out. If the fool had put his hands up and apologised straight away, it would have blown over by now. But because he chose to lie is way out of this, it will just keep running until he is proved to be lying. He is now claiming that his laptop was stolen from the house of Commons in December and that the thief waited three months to edit just one of his tweets - yeah right.

David has previous for posting nasty tweets. Here are a few of my favourites from his twitter history (there are many more):

Dc is simply a hypocritical vicious leader of the nasty party. Jeopardising justice while taking millions from Ashcroft #Toryscum

Georgey Porgey looks like he is holding in a big fart

Out of recession and Nick Robinson says they are bad economic figures. Is he DC's stooge or what?

oh and apologies for telling it like it is. Cameron IS an opportunist tosser. Or should I have said the Rt Hon gentleman?

Some say scrappage scheme, some say fiscal stimulus, others argue Eric Pickles & services to pie industry. I couldn't comment

quite. Dc is a horrible opportunistic scumbag

Oops DC. Looks like another FU:

@SkyNewsPolitics utter shit but an easy to read story

Paxman is a sneering tosser sometimes. Was clear straightaway Peter M got better of him

Remember John Smith's Social Justice commission - Tories had nothing to say then either #Toryscum

Good article on young Tory toffs in Conservative Future (racist, dumb and cocky):

Poor dc. Petty and spiteful to point out the Tories are a bunch of toffs or just plain true!!!

Think dc is on the back foot (the Eton toff)

I said Nadine was Fruit and Nut. Surprised she is "allowed" to speak such guff.

Poor old Georgey Porgey. Bet dc wished he had listened to GB on economy not gp. You gotta feel for the oik

Madine Dorries. Fruit and nut or fruitcake - which is better?

The Sun are just scum. Discuss

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