Monday, 8 March 2010

Liam Fox: Gordon Brown must be recalled to Chilcot Inquiry

Calling for Gordon Brown to be recalled to clarify his evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry, Shadow Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox said:
"Today I have written to Sir John Chilcot to ask that Gordon Brown is recalled to the inquiry to clarify his evidence. There have been so many other witnesses whose evidence directly contradicted his, concluding with Bill Jeffrey today, that there is a clear case for questioning Gordon Brown again.”
Here is the text of the letter sent to Sir John:
‘Since Gordon Brown’s session last Friday (5 March 2010) two former Chiefs of the Defence Staff (Admiral Lord Boyce and General Lord Guthrie) and a former Chief of the General Staff ( General Sir Richard Dannatt), all highly respected men of great integrity, have made public statements completely contrary to, and directly challenging, what Gordon Brown said during his session regarding resourcing and equipping our Armed Forces.

‘There is a strong case for you to recall Gordon Brown for further testimony in front of your inquiry after the upcoming General Election.

‘I fully understand why you do not want your inquiry to be involved with party politics but I do think that it is important to get the truth in this matter even if this cannot happen until after the election.’
What are the chances of the lying sod being dragged back to Chilcot before the election? If Gordon the liar Brown has anything to do with it, I would say the chances are zero.


Unknown said...

Yeah, Yeah, like they would ask the questions any differently, it is a white wash...

What you need is someone with balls to ask Gordo, since they are saying you did not listen to them in regards to their requests, and you are saying you did, and because you are such an upstanding person, I assume that they are lying, and thus you, Gordon, will be suing for liable.

Suggest that we obtain lawyers and start the action on his behalf. Why is the PM allowing himself to be liabled in this way?

John M Ward said...

Agreed with the first commenter. Actually, Chilcot needs Andrew Neil there to question Brown: that should be more useful than what we've had so far!