Thursday, 18 March 2010

Liam Fox renews his call for Gordon Brown to reappear at Chilcot.

We all knew that Gordon Brown was lying to the Chilcot enquiry, I think they even knew, but he went on to repeat his lies in the house of commons. Brown lied to the enquiry, he lied to the parliament and he lied to us. Now that he has had to admit that he lied, Liam Fox has repeated his call for Brown to be dragged back to the enquiry to explain himself. Though how he will explain cutting the defence budget four times while our troops were engaged in several wars is beyond me.

Commenting on his second letter to Sir John Chilcot, renewing his call for the Prime Minister to return to the Iraq Inquiry, Shadow Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox said:
“We’ve had three former defence chiefs, a former Defence Secretary and a former Permanent Secretary say that the defence budget was under enormous pressure as we went to war. Yet the Prime Minister tried to insist that defence spending had risen consistently in real terms so they had everything they needed.

“Now we know that he misled the Inquiry, as well as repeating his false claims to Parliament, the Armed Forces and their families. He must explain why he wilfully repeated false information.

“I wrote to Sir John on the 8th of March to ask that Gordon Brown be recalled to the Iraq Inquiry; his reply indicated that that option had not been ruled out. I have today written to him again to say that yesterday’s admission adds considerable weight to the case for the Prime Minister to be recalled. There can be no excuse to avoid it.”
What Gordon Brown has done is unforgivable, and he has shown beyond doubt that he is unfit to be our Prime Minister.


Catosays said...

Everything that the odious twat has done is unforgivable...right from the time he took his first breath!

Daily Referendum said...


In the space of ten minutes yesterday, Brown admitted to lying about defence spending and then he failed to support BA staff who wanted to work through the strike.

And people still want to vote for this fool? Do they have postal voting on Mars?

Anonymous said...

I have bloggen on the lying perfidious little twat and his unsuitability to be First Minister... but I think by the same token that Liam Fox should be sacked from the front bench for being a thief.