Saturday, 20 March 2010

UKIP - Are they just Turkeys voting for Christmas?

UKIP Turkeys voting for Christmas. Oh how Gordon Brown loves you.

Q. What do UKIP want to avoid at all costs?
A. A Socialist Europhile Government.
Q. What will they get by voting UKIP?
A. A Socialist Europhile Government.

Jesus, do we need a hammer?


Quiet_Man said...

Well if the Tories offered us something we wanted we'd vote for them. A Green Carbon levy as proposed yesterday by the Tories is just another stealth tax.
So we have Labour a party of high taxation and economic mismanagement or the Tories, a party of high taxation and environmental lunacy.
To me UKIP look the sane ones around here.

Anonymous said...

Gobble... er... Gobble.

Anonymous said...


Q. What will they get by voting Tory?
A. A Socialist Europhile Government.

Sue said...

Being spiteful and insulting isn't going to get votes for Cameron.

Unfortunately, those of us who will be voting UKIP are doing so because of a lack of Conservative Party.

The key issues worrying UKIPPERS are not being addressed by the Tories.

All we can see is a slightly less left wing Labour Party!

If the Conservatives can't represent people of a conservative mind, why call yourselves Conservatives? You're not!

You really are just Labour clones.

Daily Referendum said...

Rubbish Sue,

The ONLY party that says the Tories aren't Eurosceptic are UKIP because it suits their cause. UKIPPERS are like kids taking their ball back because they don't like one of the rules.

Good luck with Gordon Brown fighting your corner in Europe.

Sue said...

Steve, if I'm not convinced, then thousands of others aren't either.

This will be the first time in my life I haven't voted Tory.

Daily Referendum said...


To be honest, this may be the last time that it is worth voting Tory. If Brown gets in and goes ahead with his electoral reform, we will never see another Tory government. We will move further into the Eu, and we will join the Euro. Think hard.

Sue said...

Cameron is a chancer like Brown. He'll show different sides to different people.

Plays to minorities in fielding candidates which is most undemocratic. We want the best candidate, not the most "diverse".

"British asians provide a model for the rest of the country, David Cameron declares today, as he argues that many Asians cannot be blamed for failing to integrate".

Gimme a break, this is OUR country, you live here, you live by our customs, just as we would have to in their country. Please don't pretend this is a free country, it's only free if you are a minority. The rest of us have to keep our traps shut!

Sucking up to British Asians as role models, promising mentoring programmes for black entrepreneurs when we all know that it is now white kids that are underachieving.

No real policies on giving us a choice in the EU.

Same old, same old....Nah, I've had enough..My roots are gone, London looks like sodding Bangladesh, crime has risen to ridiculous proportions, the benefits, education and NHS systems have been completely f*cked and the UK is definitely broken. Human rights for everyone except the average white man... and it will continue so.

80% of our laws come from the EU and there's nobody with enough bottle to say anything in the Conservative party. That leaves 20% for an incoming party, not a great deal of power left is there?

I want my DEMOCRATIC country back and the Conservatives are too spineless to do that.

Daily Referendum said...

So how will voting UKIP help? What you are basically saying is that you want another Labour government.

Anonymous said...

Piss off you bearded twat.

I am Sick said...

Cameron is a liar and a fraud, he deserves to lose, though he will not. I hope for a hung Parliament and a small UKIP breakthrough, of around 1 to 5 seats.
If that happens it is game on for the real Tories and UKIP, the Cameron leftist / statist / liberal / socialist approach would be dead and a realignment on the right of politics would be possible.
The Tories could ditch the statist`s and closet socialists, UKIP would disband or form an alliance with the real Conservatives, prepared to fight for this country, our freedom and sovereign democracy.

Of course if you want none of these things and are prepared to exist under the current undemocratic and increasingly fascistic laws of the EU, then vote for Cameron, he, like you, will do nothing to change our current situation.

Daily Referendum said...


The abuse is always anonymous, I can shave the beard off, you will always be a ........

Daily Referendum said...

I am sick,

And then the unicorns danced with the fairies, and a rainbow rained down multicoloured stars and we all lived happily ever after.

See, I can do fairy tales too.

I said earlier that the only people to say that the Tories are not Eurosceptic are UKIPPERS because it suits their argument.

Why was the Lisbon treaty forced through without a referendum before the GE? Why do the other European heads of state not want a Tory government? Oh yeah, it's because the Tories are Europhiles.

The only way you are going to get anywhere near your wish to be out of the EU is to vote for a party that is strongly Eurosceptic at its roots. If we end up with a Lib/Lab coalition I hope you UKIPPERS have the decency to apologise for taking us further into the EU.

Beaman said...

I'm willing to vote Tory this next election if only to defeat Labour. However I do have my doubts about the Conservative Party and believe it will just be a New Labour continuation, albeit not quite as bad.

I largely agree with Sue but yes, the main aim should be to get rid of Brown this coming May. UKIP will be one to watch out for in 4/5 years time, if the Tories prove to be duds.

Daily Referendum said...


Very sensible. I will join you voting for UKIP at the next GE if the Tories do not prove to be Eurosceptic. But as you say, the first priority is to get rid of Gordon Brown and his EU loving mates.

Anonymous said...

Are you implying that voting Conservative will NOT give us "A Socialist Europhile Government?"
No Sir! I think you will find that Blair's Heir will give us just that.

Mulligan said...


Exactly. I will happily give my vote to UKIP in the European Elections but I'm not about to waste it on some personal crusade that could only ever mean an extra Labour or LibDem candidate getting in.

Unknown said...

I think it's right to want to stay in the EU for the economic benefits, but if the Tories don't manage to repatriate powers and then they don't have a referendum, I'm UKIP all the way.

Anonymous said...

Why vent your spleen at the man in the street?

All the Conservatives need to do is announce a full cost benefir analysis and all Kippers / former tories would be on board...

But Cameron won't.

Who's really the pig headed traitor?

Witterings from Witney said...


With apologies before I start......

Like so many, you are slightly deluded if you believe the Tories are Eurosceptic. Unfortunately the voters do not have a Conservative party to vote for - they have a Cameron party instead!

For Cameron to want 'power to the people' and yet to wish to remain a member of a centralist, controlling, federal state is a contradiction in belief.

Not one of his EU policies regarding the transfer of further powers stands up to analysis. He will not even enter into public debate on the question of EU membership - he has been thrice challenged within his own constituency and thrice declined.

The basic question remains - who governs this country? It sure won't be him, Brown or Clegg! If Cameron was an 'honourable' man he would not have broken his 'cast-iron' pledge - so why should voters believe anything or any promises he makes now?

Sorry Df, but you are way, way out of touch on UKIP too. They are the 'Conservative Party' now.

Pat Nurse MA said...

Turkeys who vote Tory will get Blue Labour. It matters not who dishes out more of the same from the old Lib/Lab/Con alliance. If Cameron wants our vote, he should work for it and not just expect us to vote for him to keep Labour out. I am voting FOR a party for the first time in decades. That party is UKIP because it is the only one that makes sense. If you think UKIP is still a one-issue party, populated by a "bunch of nutters", then you are in for a huge shock at election time.
The only wasted votes are those given AGAINST a party. It's time to vote with conscience and real change. UKIP is the only one that offers it.

MikeH said...

UKIP are teetering on the brink of irrelevance. Given they can't win Westminster seats themselves, their only rationale is to apply pressure on the Conservatives.

But if Cameron wins power anyway this May, despite UKIP's denialist strategy, as I believe he will with a small majority, UKIP ceases to have any relevance in the EU-critical movement. No power. No hold over those who wield power.

UKIP would have done better to have sat this election out, with the threat to come back with a vengeance at the next one if Cameron doesn't deliver steps in the right direction that he has promised - ie. start getting powers back.

Seems to me UKIP strategists have shot themselves in both feet, and then once in the face for good measure.

vanzare apartamente cluj said...

I largely agree with Harry Hook the right answer it is A. A Socialist Europhile Government.