Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Unite donates to Labour against the wishes of its members.

The Unite Union's backing of the Labour party has come under some real scrutiny following their decision to strike over the BA situation. How can Gordon Brown act in the best interest of the country if his party has taken £11m in donations from the Union that is causing so much disruption?

A poll carried out by Populus this time last year shows that the majority of Unite's membership are actually NOT supporters of the Labour party. So why are Unite donating so much of their members' money to Labour? Here are some fascinating results from the poll:
66% of Unite members would not vote Labour if a General Election was called today

Only 32% of Unite members believe that the Labour party share their values

Only 25% of Unite members believe that the Labour party leadership is honest and principled

Only 30% of Unite members believe that the Labour party leadership is competent and capable

Only 27% of Unite members believe that Gordon Brown is the right person to lead Britain forward after the next general election (Cameron 37%)

58% of Unite members think that Gordon Brown is bad for them and their families

58% of Unite members think that Gordon Brown is not up to the job of being Prime Minister

Only 36% of Unite members believe that it was right for the union to donate £500,000 to Labour in the last three months.

Only 31% of Unite members believe that it is right for the union to donate any further large donations to the Labour party.

59% of Unite members describe themselves as “moving away from the Labour party”
So I ask again: why are Unite donating their members money to the Labour party? Hardly democratic is it?

You can get your Opt-Out form by clicking HERE.


He's Spartacus said...

Whelen's attempting to mount a pretty hopeless rearguard action over on Twitter.

It's like 1997 never happened.

Daily Referendum said...


Yes, Labour are getting a real kicking today. Good thing is that the Lib Dems will disappear into the background. Nice.

Mrs Rigby said...

All unions take a political levy from their members, the money it generates doesn't get given equally, or even pro rata, to all parties. The TUC openly supports Labour.

Anonymous said...

If they don't like Labour, then they can opt out of the political levy!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous. Opt out of the political levy? Have you ever TRIED? I have, and believe me, it wasn't easy! First thing you are up against is a disapproving & polically biased shop steward ( sorry, I mean Union Representative). It took me months to sort out - I rather think that there was some deliberate heel dragging, and I had to pay equivalent amount to a (Union) charity. I was never actually sure that my money went to the charity, and was glad to leave that job!

Daily Referendum said...


Don't you think that people should be allowed to opt out at the time they join the Union? Don't you think that would be more honest?

Anonymous said...

Anon. The political levy is like inertia selling, because you have to get the form etc most don’t bother. The political levy isn’t just used to fund the Labour Party, trades unions not affiliated to the LP have political funds for campaigning. What if I want my union to campaign on political issues, but don’t want to give to the Labour Party? I can’t opt out of the Labour bit without opting out of the campaigning. Unions also give under the radar help to Labour allowing use of offices, printing equipment and telephones – things pay for by the general fund.

My Thoughts My Country said...

Unite has become a monster. It is too big and too powerful.

No union should have power over the government.

I came up with a slogan last week and I think it says a lot on how the government is run now.


funkyplummer said...

Its easy to say if you dont like it opt out, I am in the middle of a fight to raise awareness amongst my fellow workers of their right to opt out, the union rule book says that all new members are to be told of this right and every effort made to inform existing members. However the reality is that its kept a secret and a quick straw pole of my work place revealed a complete lack of awareness and genuine anger or suprise that people are not being informed. Can you imagine a life long SNP suporter being happy about paying money to the labour party?
I have , today, submitted 8 forms for opt out for other people,we are all supposed to receive letters confirming our opt out. I have no word on what happens to the money if it doesn't go to the political levy, 15 e mails to various people and lots of blind alleys leads me to believe that not that many people have been successful!
I have already received an irate phone call from a union official and fully expect more........next subject is mass meetings, in the modern world there must be a more efficient way of collecting votes than a whole days lost productivity?.......wish me luck!