Saturday, 6 March 2010

Vote: Would English votes on English laws encourage you to vote Tory?

I've always been in favour of English votes on English Laws (EVoEL), and to some extent so has the Conservative Party. They see why the current system is flawed against the English, but their proposal for a English Grand Committee does not go far enough for some. This is how it works (I think): All MPs can vote on the first, second AND third readings of England-only laws. However, on the third reading, parties would be stopped from using Scottish votes to block amendments made by English MPs. This is not a perfect solution but it is a damn sight more than Gordon Brown would ever offer.

I will be voting Conservative whether or not they go all the way and introduce EVoEL because the Tories are the only party heading in the right direction on this matter. The same can be said over the EU, I desperately wanted a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (the one Labour promised and then refused to hold), but I'm willing to vote for the only Eurosceptic party that has a chance of winning the General Election.

It is important that the Conservative party gets their strategy right on these policies. We are in the position (for now) of looking at a hung parliament or a small majority (more likely), but if we can convince the those in favour of EVoEL and UKIP to change their minds then we should see a decent number of seats. I would like to see David Cameron passionately reinforce
his stated position on the EU, and I would like to see EVoEL adopted as part of the manifesto - even if it is just a promise to introduce it within the first three years of the next parliament.

I cannot understand why EVoEL is made out to be a complicated solution. In my mind it is simple: Any vote that is unique to England should only be voted on by English MPs, it can't be that hard to arrange surely? Just a small note on the coming week's list of votes. Maybe "EMPsO" next to the vote would suffice. We must encourage people, who are generally natural Tory voters to do so at the upcoming General Election - especially as Labour and the Lib Dems are secretly planning to form a coalition that will keep the Tories out of (and themselves in) power for ever.

Would you be more likely to vote Conservative if they promised English Votes on English Laws?
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thedarknight said...

I agree it's the direction of travel that's important. Cameron thinks the EU is great, but at least he's making a start at getting back the powers we have to have to be considered an independent democracy.

Daily Referendum said...

Not stopping the Lisbon Treaty upset many, some say they will vote UKIP without realising that it stands for a total withdrawal from the EU. I'm for staying in, but I'm also for fighting for a better deal for the UK.

Quiet_Man said...

You wont get a better deal, Lisbons self amending, they wont even consult us anymore. We were betrayed by Brown and sold down the river by cast Iron Dave.

Would take a lot more than EvoEl to make me vote for those backstabbers ever again.

Anonymous said...

re: I'm for staying in,

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

We really do deserve alllllll we get dont we?, theres just too many indoctrinated morons and useful fools!.

Brian said...

Although Tory policy at the moment is not ideal for me, I would canvass for the devil if it helped get rid of Brown and Labour. I'm patient enough to wait until the second decade of conservative government for my pet ideas to be implemented.

Daily Referendum said...


Same here.

Daily Referendum said...

Anon, grow spine. Every obnoxious comment I get is anonymous.

Junius said...

I'll lay it on the line - I want out of the EU and I don't think that Dave has a hope in hell of rolling back ANY powers that the EU have stolen from us against the wishes of the people.

That said I am also very patient, but I will not vote Tory this time (if ever again) - I will probably look at voting EDP instead.

To win my vote back EVoEL is the MINIMUM I require. But I don't think I trust them to deliver what they promise - they've reneged on everything so far.

TheBoilingFrog said...

I'm for staying in, but I'm also for fighting for a better deal for the UK.

The Tory line 'in Europe not ruled by it', has been shown time and time again to be a complete fallacy.

Whilst we remain a member, we can not stop EU Directives, EU Regulations nor more integration, even more so now that Lisbon has been passed.

There's no such thing as a better deal in the EU, we always compromise (i.e. give more power away) to secure opt-outs which then get eroded over time anyway.

The only better deal for the UK is out, staying in always means more integration; we're more integrated now than we were in '92, were more integrated in '92 than we were in '86 and were more integrated in '86 than in '74.

The Tories have never been Eurosceptics, sure they talk the talk but they always always give in when it counts (I presume you don't reminding of Maastricht, ERM, Single European Act and the entry into the Common Market).

Don't believe me? Ask yourself what are the Tories going to do about EU- based immigration, what about prisoner voting rights (ECHR judgment), what about the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor? You know as well as I do the Tory answer will be nothing.

I can't even get an assurance out of my Tory MP that Britain will use it's veto on the EPP should the Conservatives win, despite continually asking him.

You appear to be blinded by loyalty, Steve.

He's Spartacus said...

Sorry, Steve. I'm with Carswell and Hannan on this one.

I also believe, however, that the libertarian/euro-skeptic wing of the Conservative Party should stay where it is and effect change from within.

Anonymous said...

All Conservative members must try to find something that is different from the Labour Party.
I'm sure there is something.If we all search we will find it.