Tuesday, 27 April 2010

General Election 2010 - Labour's disgusting Party Political Broadcast.

Angry is not the word. This has got to be the dirtiest trick by any party in any General Election held in this country. This is supposed to be a Labour Party Political Broadcast, but in truth it is the lowest form of scaremongering. Whoever OK'd this should be fully ashamed of themselves.

Gordon Brown IS NOT a man with a moral compass.


My Thoughts My Country said...

What a load of B*******.

It doesn't matter which party is elected, there is going to be severe cuts to all departments.

Who ever thought of this must of got the idea from America. This is a classic US political scaremongering broadcast.

Jim_Watford said...

Absolutely beggars belief, if they think this will impress people they're very much mistaken. Time the Labour party was taken out back and shot, it's long past it's prime and it's cruel to keep it going.

CherryPie said...

I find it despicable Propaganda. It shows how low our politicians have sunk too.

Sue said...

They couldn't stoop any lower.

Anonymous said...

well they obviously could

they could put over 3,000,000 on the dole, close the mining industry out of vindictiveness and decimate both our manufacturing industry and working communities all over the country. But that'll never happen.

Daily Referendum said...

Anon, The Tories left this country in excellent shape in 1997 and Labour ruined it again. Yes, Tories did shut down a lot of pits, but who shut down the couple of hundred that were left and seen as viable? - Labour. If the Tories were so wrong to close some pits, then why did Labour close down all the rest when they came into power?

And as for manufacturing - we have seen massive decline under this government - check the figures.

Vote Tory if you want to see this country get back on its feet.

Gordon Brown raided pensions and spent it.

He sold the Gold off cheap and spent it.

He brought in loads of stealth taxes and spent it.

He borrowed loads of money and spent it.

Because of Brown's economic genius we were first into recession and last out. And we are only just out.

I used to vote Labour until I looked past all the spin and lies. I suggest you do the same.

Anonymous said...

Labour are a vile party now. How can they jusitfy this?
When a party talks more about the opposition than themselves you should know they have a massive problem.

Tax credits should be cut for middle income families. The child trust fund should be removed from middle income families. They don't need this money. The country cannot afford to go on giving to the non-poor.

Labour must be dealt a fatal blow at this election. They must never again be allowed to ruin our nation.

It must now be Conservatives and Lib Dems fighting it out for power.
While vile Labour must forever be in third place or worse.

Anonymous said...

Continued from previous post:
I just watched the last bit.
I was sickened by this. I knew it was coming because Labour were challenged about it.

I was still sickened by it. Labour's message now is "Vote for us or you will be more likely to die"

Labour are the only party not to say what the cuts will be. They said that the Conservatives don't want people to know what their cuts will be. But Labour haven't said anywhere near as much as the other parties.

Maybe they will carry on spending untill we end up like Greece.

Our debt is forcast to reach 1.4Trillion pounds. This will be 20k for every person in the UK including new born babies(who will be paying for this debt for years to come).

I here talk about defecit reduction but we need to start paying off this debt. We must make 100-200 billion worth of cuts at a minimum in the next parliment. Anything less will mean we will be even worse off in the parliement after next.