Sunday, 25 April 2010

Harriet Harman gets monstered by Stephen Nolan on Radio 5

I've just listened to Radio 5's Stephen Nolan interviewing Harriet Harman - he absolutely monstered her. I've heard some demolition jobs in my time, but this is by far the best. I think Harriet may have gone for a stiff drink and a long lie down after this:

Click on the pic below to listen to the interview: 1hr 46mins in.


Anonymous said...

Just listened to the whole interview Steve. It's brilliant, why can't we have Stephen Nolan doing this on primetime TV programmes?

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Wow Steve - what a brilliant interview! Good find.

Like anon above, this is the style of interview that needs to be given to ALL politicians, regardless of brand.

Harman, like the Prime Mentalist, will refuse to answer any question directly. They have all been on the media interview training course where admitting failure is verboten and getting your message across is key.

What they fail to understand is that they will receive far more empathy if they occasionally put their hands up and say sorry.

In interviews conducted by people like Stephan Nolan, they come across as lying, mendacious automatons, which sadly, most of them are.

Alfie said...

Blimey, my toes have curled so much the nails are digging into the soles of my feet!

She just couldn't admit to anything could she??? Steve Nolan or Andrew Neil should deffo take over all work currently being done by David Dumbleby at the Beeb..

And that photo of her.... has she nicked the late Red Rum's set of gnashers or what?

Alfie said...

OH GOD.......
Please someone, anyone put this horsey woman out of her misey.. and send her to the Kattomeat factory. Has anyone got any Ketamine? (for me, not for her)...

Nolan is asking questions that ordinary people would ask if they were ever allowed to get close to these pampered failed barristers..

This is car crashio radio at its very best - I'm gawping, listening, gobsmacked that a Beeb man is giving double H a right good seeing to...

It's a miracle!!!!

awkwardgadgee said...

Really good that. I don't think a Labour Minister would have had an interview like that on the BBC this time last year.

They've change colours. Clegg is sent from heaven as the "stop the Tories" man, and if you can stomach only a few minutes of the BBC news output you can see how hard they are working to hype him up.

And it will work. Cameron is not really landing blows; their lunatic policies not mentioned or attacked nearly enough. Where is Hague? Where is Fox. Who is running this show?