Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sunday night polls, YouGov 11/04/2010


Some interesting figures from this poll:

Putting aside your own party preference, who you think had the best first week of the campaign?
David Cameron 32
Gordon Brown 16
Nick Clegg 16
Don't know 36

Putting aside your own party preference, which political party have you found the most impressive in the election campaign so far?
Conservative 25
Liberal Democrats 16
Labour 13
None of them 35
Don't know 11

And putting aside your own party preference, which party leader do you think is getting their message across most clearly?
David Cameron 31
Gordon Brown 15
Nick Clegg 13
None of them 28
Don't know 14


Nich Starling said...

They don't add up. If these figures are correct, the previous poll would add up to 102% ?

Cate Munro said...

Steve . . .WTF! How can the Tories be down 3?! Doesn't make sense!

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers Nich, sorted

Daily Referendum said...


Margin of error and all that. I'm not worried, general trend is a slow widening of the gap.

Irene said...

I am getting fed up with YouGov - there is always a narrowing of the poll at the most opportune moments for labour - it happened during the conference when every question to a Tory was prefaced with "hung party" territory and set the agenda. Even when YouGov show a 10pt lead I still don't trust them because you just know it will drop the next day.
I wonder what they will show tomorrow with the Tory manifesto launch 3 - 4%?

Anonymous said...

No surprises there then... especially as the boss of Yougov, Peter Kellner, is married to the democratically elected EU High Representative... Baroness Ashton of Fugly.

Pablo the Scot said...

YouGov was shown to actually alter the figures it publishes to better represent what they believe teh eventual election result will be. Of course, being Labour supporters they think Gordon should do better then he is, so they have been changing the numbers around to better match that belief!
Its a pity they aren't managing the war in Afghanistan. With that sort of style they could have had us out of there declaring total victory, with only a mere 100,000 killed.
Its also interesting that none of teh other major polls agree with YouGov's numbers either.