Tuesday, 13 December 2011

David Cameron must save us from this EU Superstate

Today, the head of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso told the European Parliament:

"Last week, most heads of state or government of the member states showed their willingness to move ahead with European integration towards a fiscal stability union. They showed that they want more Europe, not less."

They just don't bloody get it do they?

We are British, we have a proud history of defending our freedom. We don't want to have to ask other nations how to run ours. We don't want some unelected arse telling us how to spend our money. We will never submit to the will of an organisation that does not respect our right to vote.

I've always thought that we should be part of the EU, but not ruled by it. Well I've changed my mind because I don't believe that that arrangement is possible. The EU will not stop until we have given up all of our freedoms.

The only safe place to be with the EU is out of it.

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