Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Veil or no veil?

Following politicians in Italy calling for a ban on Muslim women wearing face-covering veils in public places, one in three people questioned in a survey carried out by the ICM would support a similar ban. Dutch ministers have also said they will legislate against the all-over burqa.
Of those questioned 61 per cent said they would approve of a ban in airports and at passport control, While 53 per cent supported a ban in courtrooms and schools.
Only Forty-one per cent of the survey participants said they would support a ban on veils in the workplace.
When questioned on wearing veils while travelling on public transport 56 per cent said they would oppose a ban.
Chief executive of the British Muslim Forum, Zareen Roohi Ahmed, told the BBC: "If security is at stake, such as at an airport, then yes, of course, the veil should be removed. If it proves difficult in performing a task such as in a school, then it is up to the individual who is wearing the veil whether they want to work there or not."
A Muslim classroom assistant suspended by a school in West Yorkshire for wearing a veil in lessons was sacked last week.

Q. Should the UK follow the example of Italy and ban the wearing of face-covering veils in public places?

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