Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Rob peter to pay peter?

Two and two makes three?

The Conservatives plan to introduce a new tax on businesses, which they are calling the "carbon levy."
Shadow chancellor George Osborne told the CBI conference that he plans to increase the money collected from businesses by the carbon levy, but promises that this will be offset by reductions in other business taxes: "that is a guarantee."
Mr Osborne said: "The chancellor decided to increase National Insurance and at the same time reduce the proportion of taxes collected by green taxes. We want to go in the opposite direction."
The shadow chancellor told the CBI conference that the conservatives were not becoming "anti-business".
"For too long my party abandoned issues like the environment, flexible working, and social responsibility to our opponents on the left. So I make absolutely no apology that we have been talking about the new business agenda."

Q. Is there any point increasing the Carbon Levy, if the businesses involved are to receive reductions in other taxes to compensate?

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