Monday, 11 December 2006

Justice at last?

Following intense pressure from the Media and victims of crime, Home Secretary John Reid has promised 8,000 extra prison places. Mr Ried announced that he wants to scrap rules allowing violent criminals serving life sentences to apply for parole half way through, he also wants to stop automatic one-third discounts for people who plead guilty.
The conservatives have welcomed the overhaul, but criticised the government for not providing extra prison places in the past.
Mr Reid said: "Too often it appears that the criminal justice system is on the side of offenders, protecting their interest and individual rights rather than those of the victims and law-abiding majority".
President of the Association of Chief Police Officers, Ken Jones, said "tough sentences could deter criminals."
Liberal Democrat spokesman Nick Clegg was critical of the proposed measures saying: "We will only secure a manageable prison population if we take a bolder approach to tackling reoffending, with non-custodial public punishment sentences and proper mental health treatment."

Q. Do you believe that the Home Secretary's plan to overhaul the sentencing system is the correct way to go?

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1 comment:

IanP said...

Where is he going to get 8,000 prison places from that he didn't have last week?

Easy promise to make, seeing as this part of the Home Office will be given over to the Justice Dept in a few weeks time.

Sounds like another headline grabber to me. Nothing more.