Sunday, 10 December 2006

Petition - Early Release

I have written on the subject of early release and held a vote on my website Daily Referendum.
The question was: Q. Should those convicted of a serious violent or sexual offence be considered for early release on licence?
The results can be viewed HERE

My personal opinion is that some of the pathetic sentences handed out in recent times insult the victim, in some cases sadly they insult the victim's memory.

To then let these prisoners out early on licence is an even greater crime.

Ivar Bundulis has created the following petition at No 10:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Limit the early release of prisoners.

We believe that prisoners should lose any right to early release if they have committed sexual or violent offences or if they have been imprisoned for the same offence more than once.
Prison works because it removes offenders from public harm and deters offenders.
Removing violent or sex offenders from the streets to prevent them from re-offending must be the main concern of sentencing and parole authorities. Removing the right to early release for these classes of prisoner will greatly help in reducing the sexual and violent crime figures. Similarly, removing any possibility of early release for offenders who have been imprisoned for any crime more than once would greatly help in reducing the overall level of crime in society.
The public are sick and tired of hearing of offenders committing offences when released early from prison.
It’s time to be hard on these types of offenders. The public deserve protection.

Please go along and add your names to this most deserving petition.

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