Thursday, 18 January 2007

Cameron takes middle ground on English Parliament

David Cameron has continued to sit on the policy fence. While Labour are dismissing the subject of a English Parliament, Cameron has quite smartly took the middle ground.
Cameron has told us that he is against an English parliament and wants to maintain the 300 year old union. He has however said that: "I would like to see a system that, when the UK parliament is discussing purely matters that affect English constituencies, that only members of Parliament for English constituencies have the final say."
Is this a genuine policy or is it just a way to win votes from the Pro-English Parliament movement, while not alienating those who would like to maintain the union?
This fence sitting will no doubt go some way to appease those who demand an English Parliament but it does not address the fact that 61% of English voters polled would like their own Parliament or that 51% of those polled in Scotland approved of Scotland becoming independent.

Once again the major parties are refusing to comply with the wishes of the people they work for.
We need an English Parliament now, just as the Scottish need independence now. While we wait for our wishes to be met here are a few things that could be done now to correct the political imbalance in the UK.

1) Only members of the UK Parliament for English constituencies have a say when the UK parliament is discussing matters that affect purely English constituencies.

2) If point 1) cannot be met then: Scottish MP's should not be allowed to independently bring in new laws in Scotland that require the support of the English taxpayer.

3) All laws past by the Scottish Parliament that benefit only Scottish constituencies at the cost of the English taxpayer should be scrapped.

4) The public spend should be divided equally throughout the UK.

There many more points that could be added to this list, if you can think of any please leave a comment.

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