Thursday, 11 January 2007

Harrods have made a BIG mistake.

Being an ex-serviceman I find it incredibly hard to believe this could happen in the country I served for 16 years:

This country in no way shows the same gratitude to their servicemen and women as the Americans do.

I visited the States several times and was treated as if I was a hero in their own forces. Everywhere I went I was given a discount on Hotels, restaurants, entry to attractions and many other services. Those discounts were cheerfully given by staff, just for producing a Royal Navy ID card. Try that in this country and all you get is derision and funny looks.

It stinks.

Hat tip to Kevin Wells For pointing this story out.


St Crispin said...

An appropriate quote I feel.

''The willingless with which our young people are likely to serve in any war,no matter how justified,shall be directly proportional as to how they percieve the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreaciated by their nation'' --George Washington--

St Crispin said...

There's more!
Future of the military in jeopardy

Daily Referendum said...

st crispin,

A perfect quote for the situation.

Thank you.


Andy said...

I wholeheartedly agree. Then, the way we treat senior citizens who fought for the freedoms we enjoy today back in WWII is pretty vile, too. My father should, at 85, be enjoying life and rewarded; instead he and my mother struggle on a piss-poor State pension and scrape an existence.

My father's bravery was rewarded by government after government, Tory and Labour, with absolute contempt along with hundreds of thousands of other brave service men and women.

I am often anti-war - certainly most wars since WWII - but that is not to say I would ever diss the brave people who fight. I believe they should be respected for their courage and willingness to serve their countries. x