Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Des browne on Trident

Defence Secretary Des Browne has said maintaining Trident was the "overwhelmingly sensible" decision for MPs to make when they vote on the government's White Paper.
The White Paper had set out the nature of the threat that the country is "likely to and probably will" face in coming years. Mr Browne went on to say: "Once you accept that that threat is there, you commit to a deterrent."

A vote is to be held in March, asking MP's whether the Trident nuclear weapons system should be replaced. The Trident system is due to go out of service in 2024 and Ministers are to select a replacement after a three-month consultation.

Commons leader Jack Straw said: "We have a responsibility not to cop out of this but to come to a decision, and we shall. "We're talking about defence of the nation here, not the Shops Act or fox hunting."

Mr Blair has said that Trident is an essential part of Britain's ability to defend itself.
With an estimated cost of up to £25bn, anti-nuclear campaigners say the money would be better spent elsewhere and they fear the government has already decided to go ahead with replacing Trident.

Kate Hudson, chairman of CND said a white paper could "close down" the wider debate.

Q. Should we replace Trident when it goes out of service in 2024?

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